Jan 22, Sadly, despite Gygax’s original intent, Deities & Demigods was very much a list of deities that could be killed – especially after the. Dungeons and Dragons Deities and Demigods 1st edition 1st printing Nice! Deities & Demigods – Pages Cthulhu and Melnibonean – TSR AD&D 1st Ed. by Ed Greenwood, Sean K Reynolds, Skip Willliams, and Rob Heinsoo. Based on the original Dungeons & Dragons® rules created by E. Gary Gygax and Dave .

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However, Arkham Housewhich claimed to hold the copyrights on a number of works by H. The god usually appears in lich form, and no undead is able to resist his commands. The Acaeum contains some detailed information on this as well: There is a 9-page clerical chart and a chapter on the known planes of existence.

List of Dungeons & Dragons deities – Wikipedia

The Slaad Lords are the de facto rules of the Slaadi race and the plane of Limbo. Guess how that worked? These deities were the creation of Jim Ward. Most core deities are human deities; except for the chief gods of the demihuman races. This usage is encouraged by the book’s format, which emphasizes the gods’ physical abilities over their religious significance. The god demands these lives during the dark of the moon and requires them from the ranks of his worshippers.


When Chaosium threatened legal action, the first printing was halted and the two companies ediion on a compromise: Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Slack called the book “an integral part of the rules”, and he found the quick reference chart edtiion clerics particularly worthwhile, which describe items such as what a cleric should wear, what his holy colors and animals are, when and where he should worship, and what he should sacrifice.

The Lady of Pain refuses to tolerate anyone demigovs worships her, killing those who do so. Being dualistic, it consists of two, polar-opposite deities:. Likewise, the Mouser is a 11th level fighter, 15th level thief and 3rd level magic-user.

Deities & Demigods – Wikipedia

The second printing DOES contain those two mythos. James Wyatt comments on the book’s relationship to similar books from earlier editions: Things happen and we understand that. Retrieved August 10, Does the 2nd printing of Deities and Demigods have Cthulhu? He can be summoned only after at least 50 live human sacrifices have been given the god in worship.

So, as you can see, both the first AND second printings contain them.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This is the edition with pages.


When Chaosium threatened legal action, the first printing was halted and the two companies agreed on a compromise: The list of mythologies presented in the original version is as follows: No creases or folds shou You DID ask about the second printing specifically Post as a guest Name.

Those paragraphs look very much like description of how to use the god as a monster in the game, and it completely undercuts the philosophy promoted in the forewords of both GDH and DDG.

Review of Deities and Demigods for AD&D

It also eddition the credit to chasoism for the use of those two pantheons. Advanced dungeons and dragons reference guide for deities and demigods. Only the chief god of each race was presented — further expansion would have to wait until Unearthed Arcana, although the names of other gods were given.

Similar to monster powers, these are not true deities but very powerful extraplanar beings.