AFI 36-3020 PDF

It is issued in coordination with Air Force Instruction (AFI) , This is the first publication of AFI , superseding AFR , volume 2. SUMMARY OF CHANGESThis is the first publication of AFI , superseding AFR , volume 2, 13 May It providesguidance on. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering

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Results 1, 36-3002 1, of This is what you need to put. I had to literally do everything and relay messages from goodfellows mpf they know their stuff.

It amazes me how I dealt with numerous people at the MPF and nobody knew what to do. I leave in 2 months and am trying to get this taken care of now but finance is clueless and are trying to only give me BAH Dif which is a big drop in what i should get based on 366-3020 my dependant children are located.

All you need to 36-30220 is that letter head and tell the personnelist on how to do their job email to that address.

I have a bah waiver, no you wont get fsa or bas. Login to Your Account. Mine only took a few days to get signed and approved. Plus AFI covers bah waivers ari in case your mpf is clueless because thats what i ran into.


This instruction requires the collection and maintenance of information protected by the Privacy Act of This should answer everything.


I, rank, first name, last name, SSAN request BAH policy waiver to receive BAH at the with dependent rate based on dependents location, previous duty station, or current duty station [whichever is applicable]. Refer to the attachment for a glossary of refer-ences, abbreviations and acronyms.

You will stay in nco dorms, from what i was told by the dorm manager you share a bathroom with one person and have a small fridge and microwave in the room Than after that you’ll do the amendment MPF still has no clue as to what a BAH waiver is but told me to get it signed off on by my commander and they will take care if it.

Publish dependent travel orders in accordancewith Table 2. Publishing Dependent Travel Orders. 36-3002

Imagery Analysis Retrain – Page

I can go on forever, if you have any other questions feel free to ask. And it might answer your dla question. Email me your portal email at nickbeam02 hotmail.

Cool, my class date is feb 9, so I’ll be showing up next weekend.


Imagery Analysis Retrain also for the BAH waiver does there need to be a justification or just the plain old statemet that is in the AFI about agree not to take such and such allowances?

Approve consecutive overseas tour COT leave travel for command-sponsoreddependents. That’s the only reason i’m doing the BAH waiver. Similar Threads Can they really be that stupid to think we will buy their lies? I found one guy who could help and he works at Goodfellow. Create your own flipbook. What base are you at?

Commanders, Mission Support Squadrons. I talked to someone at the school house and some in processing is done by the individual.

You’ll get bah at your previous duty station. Hers the paragraph from the AFI. Counsels members, or their dependents when members are notavailable, on dependent travel entitlements; also aci the desired mode of transportation, and pro-cesses requests for transportation to traffic management officers who perform actual mode, route, and car-rier selection. I’m coming right back to Hurby when I graduate anyways.