DEQ – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 80 . ALESIS DEQD • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get Alesis DEQD Reference Manual Stereo Equalizer DEQ, DEQD. Get all Alesis manuals!.

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Table Of Contents Introduction Table Of Contents Basic operation: Thank you for purchasing the Alesis DEQ It is a versatile Except as noted, when this product, and Offers the best of digital technology and analog-style control: Introduction How to Use This Manual This manual is divided into the following sections describing the various functions of Introduction This page intentionally left blank 6. Important Safety Instructions Use only with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio Important Safety Instructions This page intentionally left blank Try some equalization Play some signal into the unit While learning the unit, you The shipping carton was designed to protect You can use this Analog Signal In, Digital Signal Basics of Equalization 3 Basic operation: Program mode Program mode is where to be if you want to call Edit mode If you’re not already there, exit to Program mode by using the Basics of Equalization 3 upward until it reaches This is because that’s how far the band that was If you have run one or Basics of Equalization 3 Likewise, if the lowest gain setting of any band in this same Edit Group is Store mode Once you have created a program you would like to save, press Basics of Equalization 3 Channel Copy You can use the Link function while editing to help set up identical Audition mode No doubt there will be times when you want to switch back Channel Level mode Channel Level mode allows you to adjust the output level of Basics of Equalization 3 The “Hidden” Modes There are several sub-levels of operation that can be accessed from Program Basics of Equalization 3 Here’s a description of what each function does.


To force the DEQD to listen only to the balanced Basics of Equalization 3 Constant Q vs. At their inception, graphic equalizers Basics of Equalization 3 Multi-band application and results So far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single Applications 4 Comb filtering You’ll understand how this effect process got its name once you see the way it Program Charts 5 25 Narrow Cut 4 2.

Program Charts 5 38 Electric Guitar Bandlimit Very often a really hot guitar track has to find a manuzl Program Charts 5 51 Proximity Effect This curve is meant to mimic the physics phenomenon that the closer your Test with a known good input Specifications This page intentionally left blank Page of 80 Go. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.