Description: This users manual for Altistart 46 soft start motor controllers contains installation, setup, operation, and maintenance instructions. User’s manual ATS46, 9/21/18, English, Spanish, French, pdf MB. Data Bulletin. Cross Reference Guide for ALTISTART┬« 46 Soft Start Motor. User’s manual UNI-TELWAY ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English, pdf MB. Programming manual ATS VW3G, 12/13/17, English.

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If the motor runs on RUN order and stops at the 3 stop configurations, without disable, the repair is over.

Thermal state is saved in the eeprom when the network disappears. For units with two transformers only the right-hand transformer viewing the unit from the front is to be removed. The second level of telephone assistance is done through the direct line of Global Help Desk: There were generally no more Q products at that date.

Minimum resistance has to be 64 kilo-ohms. Strip the wire and insert it in the clips. Value kept for the test voltage 2 V AC high voltage wiring supply Humidity test according to IEC and 3. The starter supplies current but the motor does not run.

The time taken to perform the conversion is approximately two hours, to which site transfer time must be added. Connect the cables to the electronic card observing the labelling and connecting the connectors with 2 wires to the card.

The pump transformer must be removed. Conversion instructions for size 3 6 – Reconnect the thyristor connectors.


InF recognition of rating Up to now experience: It’s a alristart project which helps to repair anything. SBS – Hands on experience. The position of the blue wires is different on an ATS Connect the connector of the current transformer cable to J 43 on the electronic card, observing the wire coding. Altistzrt as an Altistart 46 1 – Reattach the transformer using the four fixing screws, with the cabling on the left-hand side of the unit.

If phase rotation fault is selected, check if the phase rotation of the network voltage is in conformity with the one selected direct, indirect, otherwise, the fault is generated. External fault order Operating state Up to now experience: Outlet order is not important White wire mark 1: I C 10 1 0 3 6 7 17 18 5-point socket: Conversion instructions for sizes 4 and 5 Remove the fan grille by tilting it backwards after first loosening the screws on the front 7 mm open-ended spanner.

Altistart 46 Maintenance Manual |

Conversion instructions for size 3 8 – Remove the six screws from the fan mounting plate. Insulation defect between via of a printed circuit metal hole allowing to connect two faces of a printed circuit and R resistance control card.

Up to now experience: J7 Connector if pump unit J9 J10 J11 rear view of the control module 5 – Remove the connectors from the vigitherm and the current transformers. Expanded polystyrene is not allowed.

User’s manual ATS46

Assembly size 1 Parts list Part 2: It suits the one used for Altivar tests. The time of delivery of the repaired or new element will be given by the dealer or the agency. A mechanical kit, a VX4G control module and the appropriate measurement card corresponding to the power of the motor to be started are necessary for the conversion.


If, for practical reasons, you do not want to disconnect the protection and control circuits, top to bottom terminal resistance can be measured. Starter not supplied with current on L1-L2-L3. White Green Blue Red diagram of the customer terminal block 12 – Remove the four screws attaching the transformer no.

White Red Red White Remove the fan turbine by removing the 6 fixing screws 8 mm spanner. To reduce the amount of travelling, training courses have been compacted into one or two weeks depending on your initial level.

Screws Fan view from above 9 – Disconnect the two power supply wires from the transformer from the fan black wire with white cable end.

SY3KC Green wire mark 2: White wire mark 1: They are also manufactured and tested at Schneider factory at Pacy Blanchet. Alfistart not soak attach brackets in the indicated areas.

LCR Current Reading Function Locked rotor on permanent rate Locked rotor fault If the current reading in shunted permanent rate is superior to 5 x In during ms, a fault may occur.