Peter awakens next to Mary Jane, hearing a voice. He and Mary Jane see that its Tony Stark’s voice coming from the eagle statue in their room. Through the. Previous Issue. Next Issue. (Story) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #22 (Title) Amazing Spider-Man # · Amazing Spider-Man # The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (September ) Aaron Davis: Spider-Man # (January ). Created by · Joe Quesada · Chris Bachalo. Characters, Peter Parker · Mary Jane Watson · Aaron Davis · Amadeus Cho. The Iron Spider is a fictional powered exoskeleton used by several characters in Marvel The Iron Spider armor first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # and.

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Morlun managed to kill the human part of Peter, but the spider in him survived and killed Morlun, saving #5229 both. Tony reveals to Peter that he’s making the final slight modifications to his new uniform, considering Peter’s old one was “just cloth”.

Iron Spider – Wikipedia

Reverting to normal, Peter says goodbye to MJ and falls to the floor, seemingly dead. Michael Straczynski chose to revert to the older costume. Later on during the “Civil War” storyline, he uses them reluctantly during his fight with Captain America. Peter goes to see Mister Fantasticwho tells him that his condition is not caused by cancer or a viral or bacterial infectious disease.

Using Peter’s skin as a base, they have formed a body of their own.

Spider-Man: The Other

In the fourteenth issue, Kaine is killed by the Lobo Brothers and is visited in the afterlife by Em, who reveals it is the Spider-God and offers to return him to life as “The Other” if he zpiderman the spider within him, because Peter had rejected it.

The Scarlet Spider Peter Parker: The supernatural aspects of Kaine’s revival have since been revisited in the Scarlet Spider vol 2, where Kaine sporadically uses some of his “Other”-induced powers. As it turns out, Peter’s aamazing from his old enemies have been healed, including his missing left eye, and even the tonsils he lost in fourth grade have reappeared. Back home, Peter and Mary Jane are watching the news when she notices the distant expression on his face.

Soon, he finds a semi-collapsed apartment building that is about to come down completely.

Later, Peter tries to clear his head with web slinging. Morlun goes to the unconscious Spider-Man’s hospital bed to finish him off, but MJ attempts to stop Morlun, who effortlessly throws her across the room and also spidernan her arm.


Spider-Man quickly begins to “dig” into the remains of the building, and in his attempt to find survivors, he discovers that his soul was imbued new powers from the dream, including night vision, the ability to feel vibrations through his webbing, and the ability to adhere to objects via the skin on his back, allowing him to securely carry items such as the small girl he found amaziing rescued.

Spider-Man: The Other – Wikipedia

Peter doesn’t have time to get the girl clear and takes the bullet directly to his back. For the torture device, see Breast ripper. The Clone Conspiracy ” ” Spider-Geddon ” Back on the streets, Peter realizes that Mary Jane did a poor job of fixing his costume and takes it to tailor Leo Zelinsky for repair, but while waiting for it to be fixed, the power goes out.

Babylon 5 — Crusade Jeremiah — Sense8 — Both Spider-Woman and Spider-Man got their powers via radiation involving some form of spider DNA, and thus their powers are extremely similar. Changeling Ninja Assassin Parker Goes to Washington: But now he isn’t afraid of what he can do and he wants to use his new powers to help people.

Michael Straczynski Comics by Peter David comics debuts. The storyline was divided esoaol four months, or “acts”, and each month’s issues had a different cover tint. He tells her about the horror he felt the night he got his powers after #592 about what would happen when a man merged with a spider the same amzzing a fly was merged with a man in The Fly.

This reminds Tony to finish working on a gift for Peter. Peter dives, open his arms and glides using the suit’s mesh webbing, appearing as if he’s flying. Planet of the Symbiotes Spider-Man: She uses her experience in Iron Man’s suit and her brief spider powers that she had back in the Spider-Island storyline to operate the armor. Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 It grants the ability to breathe under water, and can morph into different shapes due to its “‘smart’ liquid metal” form.

During Spider-Island ‘s last issue, “The Other” was confirmed to still have happened in a conversation between Peter and Kaine. Before Morlun can kill Spider-Man, the police show up and Morlun leaves Spider-Man’s bloody, unconscious body, planning to finally drain his life espao, when the hero is alone.

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The tattooed thug tries to fire at the cops but Spider-Man simply webs the gun aside. It seeks him out and takes him over, filling the gap left by an incomplete epiderman. The new costume is able to look like other styles of costumes Spider-Man has worn over the years or turn into his street clothes.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 528

Part of the costume can detach itself from Spider-Man to cover an object too dangerous to touch, such as a radioactive asteroid. Spider-Man tells the New Avengers he has no idea about it and they want to run some more tests on him.

This section needs expansion. Retrieved from ” https: Once inside, he discovers that he now has night vision, which reminds him of what the spider god told him, that he had powers beyond what he has used but was too afraid to discover them out of fear that they would make him more spider than man.

Part of the ‘ The Other: Poison eventually unearths the body of Gwen Stacy and replicates, implanting the newly spawned symbiote in Gwen’s body, resulting in a female Carnage lookalike.

espqol Spidey shoots webs at the steering wheel, and directs them towards the police. Spider-Man January Spderman pack your bags–because we’re going to Washington. Jimmy surrenders peacefully, and Spider-Man takes the hostage out of the trunk. Many of the new powers Peter developed during “The Other” and the powers obtained from his incident with the Queen have not been used or referenced in several years. The suit uses nanotechnology that also characterizes Iron Man’s armor in the film, and allows Spider-Man to survive at high altitude and on Thanos’ homeworld Titan which has low gravity levels as well.

Later, May Parker, who wakes up from a strange dream and, after being yelled at by an emotional Peter, goes to the kitchen and finds Tracer. Retrieved from ” https: