Editorial Reviews. Review. “What drives this surprisingly deep novel are its revelations and Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords Book 3) by [Kendall, Beverley. An Heir of Deception by Beverley Kendall Charlotte Rutherford has loved Alex Hastings from the moment she first saw him, when she was. An Heir of Deception is the third book in Beverley Kendall’s Elusive Lords series. While I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to have read the.

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And the identity of the blackmailer blew my mind away.

She watched as he proceeded down the seemingly endless corridor toward her. The story is about Alex Cartwright, heir to the Duke of Hastings, and the love of his life, Charlotte. Thank you for such a great book Beverley and I decepton wait until the next book.

I could not put this book down. I stayed up late to finish this one, because I had to find out who the blackmailer was.

Amazing story of sacrifice, love and trust. Aug 10, Teacher rated it it was amazing. The H slept with OW, while the h remained celibate.


Smashwords – An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords, Book 3) – A book by Beverley Kendall – page 1

At first I was more than a little upset with Charlotte, but as I read more of the story I could remember being 19 and acting before thinking a lot and that was what she did. This was a heart touching story about love lost, second chances, and most of all forgiveness and understanding. Sayangnya ada pihak yang ingin membatalkan pernikahan itu dengan cara mengancam akan membuka skandal Charlotte yang bisa menyebabkan kedudukan sosial Alex terancam.


After living in debauchery and drinking himself into a stupor for days on end he decided to turns his life around and has been living in sobriety for the past two years. Alex Cartwright deceptiob bisa melupakan sakit hatinya ketika ditinggalkan oleh tunangannya di altar dengan hanya pemberitahuan melalui sepucuk surat. An Heir of Deception was such an emotional read that I just couldn’t put it down.

An Heir of Deception

An Heir of Deception Beverley Kendall. Beverley Kendall has lived on two continents, in three countries, two provinces, and four states. Days before her wedding to Alex, Charlotte received a letter threatening to expose a family secret that could ruin not only her family and her, but could potentially tarnish the dukedom Alex is set to inherit. Then the mystery of who wanted to hurt her, separate them?

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. She must now fight one love to hold onto the other—the man whose touch still makes her burn, for the child who is her very world. That strikes me as a dangerous ploy —exposure could mean ruin — and for his cousin a vicar and his two closest friends to put their signatures to it involves them in the forgery, and would surely mean a similar penalty for them as well.

An Heir of Deception (The Elusive Lords, #3) by Beverley Kendall

The hatred and bitter sense of betrayal pours off Alex, he will have you sharing his pain. Beverley gave me that lovely aching feeling in my gut for Charlotte and Alex.


When Charlotte shows up at her brother James’ home, she doesn’t expect to find a healthy Caroline let alone Alex. That strikes me as a dangerous ploy —exposure could mean ruin — and for his cousin a vicar and his two closest friends to put their signatures to it involves them in the forgery, and would surely mean a similar penalty for them as well.

Will there fake marriage beverkey a real one or stay as it is for the sake of their son? Charlotte shifted her gaze.

Alex was the character who changed most of all, from a cold, almost unreachable man overwhelmed with his fear of betrayal, to someone who learns to trust and to love again. I really couldn’t guess what could be reason of her departure five years ago when I started reading. I needn’t have worried because this book was so good, easily my favorite from this author.

We also learn that Alex spent three years attempting to drown his sorrows in copious amounts of drink and tried to forget about Charlotte by screwing his way through loads of women; but no amount of debauchery could cure his bitterness or heartache. I will have to wait patiently until next year for the next book in the series which will be Lucas and Katie’s.

Sayangnya Alex tidak mau mendengar alasannya. Those elements would make for enough drama for one story all by themselves.