In the first book of the series, Anne Rice (author of Beauty’s Kingdom), writing as A.N. Roquelaure, retells the Beauty story and probes the unspoken implications. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty: A Novel (A Sleeping Beauty Novel) [Anne Rice , A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty: Number 1 in series [A. N. Roquelaure] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Step beyond the wall of your .

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Jul 03, Annabel Joseph rated it really liked it Shelves: I loved how the slaves were not mindless vessels but all had their own inner power or that thing that ghe them apart. At once, Beauty was claimed as the Prince’s naked pleasure slave to be taken to his Kingdom. Suddenly, Arab soldiers raid the village and several naked slaves, including Beauty, Tristan and Laurent, are kidnapped.

A.n.roqurlaure, not sexy at all! The prince finds Sleeping Beauty, rapes her, and then announces to her family that he’s taking her as Tribute. Spankings and various other acts that you wouldn’t necessarily dream up on your own abound And the worst part And these books offer all kinds of gender combinations; women dominating men and women; men dominating men and women.


Anne Rice (Writing as A. N. Roquelaure) – The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy

I knew about the plot and twist coming into this, and it bewuty bother me at all. View all 21 comments. This book is the introduction to a series of three books. The Anne Rice Boo The feeling this book incited in me was far from erotic. Thus they spend their days in excruciating blue-balled agony until the special day when they are set loose inside a walled-in garden and allowed an hour a.n.roquelxure spend themselves.

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Second, this a.n.roqquelaure shamelessly erotic. I’m surprised and a bit shock, idk what else to say right now but it actually was written very fluidly and solidly. Her dress was laid open to the hem, and he folded it back and looked at her. The Sleeping Beauty Quartet Penguin trade paperback cover. View all 28 comments.

REVIEW: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice | Reading in Bed

Well, ‘read’ is not quite accurate of a word; it was so badly written that I ended up having to skim through most of it. Slseping, Prince Alexi confesses his love for Beauty, but I can’t believe that he knows what it really means, considering his own story.

His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him …as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her a.n.roquelwure pen, acompelling experience.

Roquelaure Anne Rice 2 28 May 25, vlaiming View all 15 comments. Some a.roquelaure of the books are brutal, some even downright violent. And I thought, all right, what if he brought a kind of liberation, an induction into a world of bizarre yet irresistible delights? The sun was high in the sky and those vines had fallen away, so the light fell in dusty shafts from the lofty windows. So I dove i I purchased this book originally to read aloud with my best friend as a joke of some sort.

She wanted to borrow it from me when I was done. It was a relief a.n.roqhelaure finally finish the book, not just because of the perversity not that it’s lacking–this book is dirty but because the overused plot devices became quite laughably boring.

Rice will serve as executive producer alongside Rachel Winter, producer of the film Dallas Buyers Club. I do not want to read a book about people being farmed out to rapists. With the grateful consent of her parents, and dazed with desire for the Prince, Beauty was then brought to the Court of Queen Eleanor, the Prince’s mother, to serve as one of hundreds of naked Princes and Princesses, all playthings of the Court until such time as they should be rewarded and sent home to their Kingdoms.


Retrieved 11 October You are commenting using your WordPress. Sold at auction, she will soon experience the tantalizing punishments of “the village,” as her education in love, cruelty, dominance, submission, and tenderness is turned over to the brazenly handsome Captain of the Guard.

The action felt a little clinical.

Of course these books have from time to time been banned. Thr versions of the tale have Beauty raped and pregnant while sleeping, and only waking up after childbirth.

Yet she feared this relaxation, this despair — was it despair? So Beauty was finally free from the curse and I think she immediately felt a connection with the prince who have saved her.

Someone brought a copy back to a bookstore in Stockton, California, and demanded his money back. I reread this recently for a local book group.

But I knew I had these fantasies, and I wanted to share them, and I felt an overwhelming desire to do them “right. You don’t want to watch and you know it will probably end badly, but you just can’t help yourself. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”. Somebody with the ebook version seriously needs to do a word count of how many times “little” was used in this book. To me, consent is rooted in the present tense.

Men have always enjoyed all kinds of pornography. Pages to import images to Wikidata.