Download manuals for APV pumps, heat exchangers and homogenizers here. As one of the most energy intensive processes used in the dairy, food and chemical .. The reader is referred to the APV Corrosion Handbook, as well as the. pigments to proteins, as well as minerals to dairy products. Because of the spectrum of duties required, there is a great variety of dryers available. The.

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Variations of the fluid bed re-wet technology have been developed whereby the system serves as a mixer for several dry and wet products. These seals should be checked visually when the plant is being washed, but they can also be checked by ear while the plant is in operation. A considerable amount of work has been done on the development of various spv of lifting flights, all designed to produce a continuous curtain of material over the cross section of the dryer shell.

The most usual type of heating is by steam, although hot water or one of the proprietary heat transfer fluids can be used. The next cycle is initiated either by an igniter, or residual heat in the combustion chamber.

Dairy Processing Handbook

Spray drying remains — to a great extent — an art, although there is a scientific basis to all of the many adjustments which must be made before a particular dryer is optimized to dry a particular feed stream and produce the desired powder characteristics. Comparison of self-inertizing t. In this example, the hot gases are recycled with only a relatively small quantity rejected at the exhaust and a correspondingly small amount of fresh air admitted at the burner.

Thus, lumps containing dry powder in the middle will be formed and, if enough air is locked into these lumps, they will float on the surface of the liquid, resisting further dispersion. Here again, the nature of the feed is an important prerequisite for efficient drying. The resulting slot allows room air to be drawn into the chamber in a tangential way, causing a fast rotation inside the chamber. Frequently used binders For products containing fat, the normal process is often combined with a step by which the agglomerates are coated with a thin layer of surface active material, usually lechithin.


Continuously APV, W.

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However, fluid bed agglomeration does offer a great degree of flexibility in controlling the final result of the process. The sticking temperature of a powder is difficult to measure in the laboratory, as it is affected by the moisture content of the powder.

Granular particles are wetted as they touch the water surface. In the case of relatively water insoluble materials, a separate binder material has been used, but it must be one that does not compromise the integrity of the final product. These are widely used where moderately high rates of throughput cairy a continuous basis are called Figure Generally speaking, the residence time in fluidized bed dryers is measured in minutes and in the pneumatic dryer in seconds.

If bandbook are seen on the lower walls or cone, the vane angle may be too close to vertical. For finer particles, use a higher nozzle pressure. The higher velocity causes the fatty powder to smear around the lower part of the conical cyclone body. The simple correction would be to try operation at a lower outlet gandbook on a subsequent run, but handbooo will also give higher powder moisture. When this occurs, the outlet temperature will rise, more feed is automatically introduced to try pav reduce the temperature and the system will soon trip on high outlet temperature, leaving a very messy chamber to be cleaned.

If the venturi throat cannot be adjusted for any reason, the correct air flow balance can be achieved by adjusting the pressure in the cooling duct by either changing the powder daury exhaust fan speed or by making a small adjustment to the manual cold air butterfly valve.

For efficient powder collection, a cyclone should have an airtight hwndbook at the bottom. But it is much better to eliminate entrained air or avoid its inclusion in the first place, by using ba homogenizer instead of a high shear mixer.


Pulse drying has been used for organic, inorganic, process and waste streams. An additional benefit is that this system reduces the oxygen content in the gas stream.

APV Dryer Handbook

The comparisons in Table 5 clearly show that agglomeration improves the powder wettability and dispersibility. The powder is sprinkled along the surface of a polished metal plate, which is electrically heated so that one end is considerably higher in temperature than the other end. Spray Bed type agglomerating spray dryer During operation, the chamber fluid bed is vigorously agitated by a high fluidization velocity.

If a cup wheel is used, the entrained air tends to be separated during passage across the hansbook surface, giving bulk densities much closer to those of a pressure nozzle system.

The agglomerated product is then removed from the bottom of the drying chamber, cooled and packaged. It also must be remembered that to be suitable for spray drying, the feed must be in pumpable condition. The burner, which is similar to the pulse burner used in the Lennox furnace, is aerodynamically designed to produce a pulsating air flow handbkok the burner system, along with the heat release which is used for evaporation.

With spray dryers and rotary dryers, the mass airflow can be varied, facilitating modulation of the dryer when operated at lower throughputs. Fixed tube rotary dryer Photo courtesy of Mitchell Dryers Limited, Carlisle, England to the handling of pasty materials, since the rapid flashing off of moisture and consequent surface drying limits the possibility of wall build-up or agglomeration within the dryer.

The exhaust vapor stream is fully condensed.