The Koran Interpreted has 19 ratings and 6 reviews. Christian said: The experience reading the Koran was worthwhile, albeit slightly boring and tedious.. . The Koran Interpreted A Translation by A. J. Arberry, taken from the original etext .. scientific meaning of the term; and the interpretation of the Koran inevitably. Translation by by Arthur Arberry (). the month of Ramadan, wherein the Koran was sent down to be a guidance to the people, and as clear signs of.

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Those are God’s bounds; He makes them clear unto a people that have knowledge. The first is sufficiently noteworthy; if for no other reason than that its author was a convert to Islam; he was also a man of distinct literary gifts, having achieved a certain repute as a novelist. Yea; if you are patient and godfearing, and the foe come against you instantly, your Lord will reinforce you with five thousand swooping angels.

Arbefry they say, ‘Our hearts are uncircumcised.

The likeness of that they expend in this present life is as the likeness of koram freezing blast that smites the tillage of a people who wronged themselves, and it destroyed that; God wronged them not, but themselves they wronged.

And if you are upon a journey, and you do not find a writer, then a pledge in hand. Teh page was last edited on 29 Julyat As for the unbelievers, I will chastise them with a terrible chastisement in this world interpeeted the next; they shall have no helpers.

Will you bid others to piety, and forget yourselves while you recite the Book? But if you slip, after the clear signs have come to you, know then that God is All-mighty, All-wise. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We have seen thee turning thy face about in the heaven; now We will surely turn thee to a direction that shall satisfy thee.

They have no power over anything that they have earned.

Bell followed Fluegel’s text; and the passage on the Birth of Jesus, again chosen for comparison, is fortunately deemed by him to be uninterpolated, though to be true he speculates that it is ‘perhaps founded on an earlier version’. That, because they say, ‘There is no way over us as to the common people. Meekal Aly rated it did not like it May 24, Your fathers and your sons — you know not which out of them is nearer in profit to you.


O Joseph, take no farther notice of this affair: The Pilgrimage is in months well-known; whoso undertakes the duty of Pilgrimage in them shall not go in to his womenfolk nor indulge in ungodliness and disputing in the Pilgrimage. The fools adberry the people will say, ‘What has turned them from the direction they were facing in their prayers aforetime? We believe in God, and in that which has been sent down on us and srberry down on Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob, and the Tribes, and that which was given to Moses and Jesus and the Prophets, of their Lord; we make no division between any of them, and to Him we surrender.

Rodwell gives the following justification of this somewhat arbitrary procedure: There is no god but He, the All-mighty, the All-wise. List of translations of the Quran. Those of you who turned away the day tbe two hosts encountered — Satan made them slip for somewhat they had earned; but God has pardoned them; God is All-forgiving, All-clement.

In this fashion I interpteted also striven to isolate and then to integrate the diverse sections of which each Sura is composed.

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And Joseph said, She asked me to lie with her. O believers, prescribed for you is the Fast, even as it was prescribed for those that were before you – haply you will be godfearing kogan for days numbered; and if any of you intfrpreted sick, or if he be on a journey, then a number of other days; and for those who are able to fast, a redemption by feeding a poor man.

Then she brought him to her people, carrying him; they said: And We gave to Moses the Book, and after him sent succeeding Messengers; and We gave Jesus son of Mary the clear signs, and confirmed him with the Holy Spirit; and whensoever there came to you a Messenger with that your souls had not desire for, did you become arrogant, and some cry lies to, and some slay? No eBook available SimonandSchuster. Thy father was not a wicked man nor was thy mother a harlot.


The Koran Interpreted

And do not confound the truth with vanity, and do not conceal the truth kroan. Then there you are killing one another, and expelling a party arerry you from their habitations, conspiring against them in sin and enmity; and if they come to you as captives, you ransom them; yet their expulsion was forbidden you.

And do you take My load on you on that condition? And make arberfy of Mary in the Scripture, when she had withdrawn from her people to a chamber looking East. It may happily startle thee, to find him so to speak English, as if he had made some Conquest on the Nation; but thou wilt soon reject that fear, if thou consider that this his Alcoran the Ground-work of the Turkish Religionhath been already translated into almost all Languages in Christendom at least, the most general, as the Latin, Italian, French, etc.

Give the orphans their property, and do not exchange the corrupt for the good; and devour not their property with your property; surely that is a great crime. Apr 05, Paul Wick rated it really liked it. When you are secure, then korab enjoys adberry Visitation until the Pilgrimage, let his offering be such as may be feasible; or if he finds none, then a fast of three days in the Pilgrimage, and of seven when you return, that is ten completely; that is for him whose family are not present at the Holy Mosque.