ARINC REPORT ()_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。GUIDANCE FOR TOOL AND TEST EQUIPMENT (TTE) EQUIVALENCY. ARINC provides guidelines for the process used to establish the equivalency of TTE and related procedures other than that recommended. Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global.

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BMH 53 In the case where such maintenance documentation does not fully define the requirements for the original task and TTE, the airframe or engine manufacturers should ensure that any other needed information is provided.

Other shareholders include a number of non-U. The following documents are revision sensitive documents that may affect the continued equivalency of the TTE if they are revised. Adjustment Procedures Tools may be reworked to ensure compliance with the appropriate drawing. Relort groups take a fresh look at standards about every five years, and in the working group published an update known as Drawing is required urgently reporrt allow time to have unit manufactured and checked prior to next round of C-checks.

With more aircraft systems shifting to electronic controls, software implementation issues are coming to the fore. How calibration requirements for alternate TTE are developed?

The revision sought to close the gap between ATLAS-provided data and the actual specifications needed by test engineers. The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity in Aviation.


In order to ascertain the actuator bearing centreline distance the deviation of the rod end cap fitted to the rod end of the actuator from this zero position is measured by the dial indicator and the following calculation performed: Recommended Correction Reproduce the correction as it would appear in the corrected version of the material.

How over-specified requirements are corrected? Suggested Subcommittee assignment Identify an existing group that has the expertise to successfully complete the project. The alternate solution is functionally equivalent to the OEM-recommended fixture.


Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

The alternate TTE design is based on requirements derived from airline or repair station technical information. They have not, however, provided significant guidance as to what constitutes this equivalency.

Schedule — what regulatory, aircraft development or modification, airline equipment upgrade, or other projected events drive the urgency for this project Accepted proposals will be assigned to repirt subcommittee for action with one of two priorities: The committee staff will track all ongoing projects and prepare annual reports on progress. Attachment 4 provides a checklist to assist in performing TTE equivalency determinations.

This is typically referenced in the component maintenance manual CMMas well, Mueller says.

Specifications for Starrett extra long range dial indicator Model J. Patterns shown are arinc report to scale.

The APIM writer or, subsequently, The Committee may identify other groups which must be given feport opportunity to review and comment upon mature draft documents. All Critical Dimensions of alternate tool FXT Revision A were compared to recommended tool and determined to be of the same or greater accuracy and geometric tolerancing.

Forthe working group 6688 seeking to make the document more generic and easier to work with, relating to all types of test programs. For example, narrative sentences may be changed to bullet items, etc. Proposed FAA Order If you are areader who likes to download arinc report guide Pdf to any kind of device,whether its your laptop, Kindle or iPhone, there are more options now than arinc report before.

Actuator mount hole diameter Distance between measuring face and mounting hole centreline of Rod End Cap Rod end cap mounting hole Table Calibration Specifications C.

List of the documents that control the local TTE equivalency process: Appendix B contains a limited portion of the documents that would reprot included in a complete equivalency technical data file.


Signed for, and on behalf of, The Quality Assurance Manager: Recommended Coordination with other groups Draft documents may have impact on the work of groups other than the originating group. To ensure sufficient calibration history is obtained and to increase confidence in the performance of new tooling before the maximum period is applied, an initial calibration period of 1 year which may be extended to the maximum of 4 years in accordance with AOP In addition, functional equivalents allow for the same ability to identify defects related to airworthiness decisions.

Verification also requires evaluating the products of each phase to ensure correctness and consistency with respect to the products and standards provided as input to that phase.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC Test Equipment – Avionics

Key characteristics of form, fit and function The parameter or value being measured The nominal value of the measurement The tolerances and accuracies required for the task Any special considerations that are required Currently procurable TTE that meet the required specifications Statement in maintenance documentation to allow equivalent TTE where possible 2. All dimensions checked must conform to the specifications contained in Table Routine Priority — technical solution to proceed at a normal pace Proposals may have designated coordination with other groups.

Receive the latest avionics news right to your inbox. Equivalent equipment should be: This may include common usage tools or items used as an aid to facilitate maintenance that do not affect the airworthiness of an article. In those instances where the airline or repair station uses the OEM recommended equipment, no proof of equivalency is necessary.