HONOUR. DESIRE. VENGEANCE. Aryavarta – the ancient realm of the noble. For generations, the Firstborn dynasty of scholar-sages, descendants of Vasishta . Maybe I am a little late to the party but could not resist answering this question as I have read one series and attmepted to read the other but failed. First about. Krishna Udayasankar is a Singapore-based Indian author, known for her modern retelling of Mahabharata through the novels Govinda, Kaurava and Kurukshetra. The three books collectively comprise The Aryavarta Chronicles.

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They rule and control functioning of the planet. At the end of the day, that spirit is much, much larger than any story or a book. Don’t expect the characters in this book to be the ones which we have known all Easily 4 star book if it didn’t have minor flaws.

But where Krishna author failed is mixing mythology with the fantasy. Just go for it! Jul 16, Chitra rated it liked it Shelves: The Legend of Ikshvaku. The conflict between these two overshadows even the Kaurava — Pandava conflict and gives the story a whole new dimension. His enmity with Jarasandha, the Magadhan emperor has also complicated the political landscape and he needs to find newer allies to strengthen his own position as well.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I consider myself to be well acquainted with the Mahabharata as I have read the original work as well as the other books about it such as Mrityunjay, Parva, Yajnaseni, and those by C.

Govinda (The Aryavarta Chronicles, #1) by Krishna Udayasankar

And that’s what I particularly enjoyed about this version – the way the author challenged my beliefs and status quo, forcing me to at least allow for a new perspective, if not accept it. These two epics are the cultural and mythological foundation in India as they deal with magic, heroes, destiny and lots of other things.


Panchali or Draupadi is an important character in this book. This is a complex retelling of a terrific story and is very much recommended for all readers who want something different from the usual pseudo-European fantasy fare.

Share your thoughts with other customers. The author also beautifully narrates the mystical and lovely relationship that Panchali has with Govinda. Please note that there are many changes in this book so if you are one who likes sticking to one version of a story, you may want to know this.

No fanfare, no muses singing his praises with their lyres fully tuned etc. All this in the backdrop there is race among the vassals to rule over the Aryavrat.

Alright, so that is a firewright in action! The game may very well change the fate of the world, as it lies in the mere pawns of the game created by nature itself. We start with an encounter between friends – Govinda and the royal set of Panchal, meeting in the forests of Aryavarta. Oct 25, Vaibhav rated it it was amazing.

Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles, Book 1: Govinda

The story begins in the past and introduces a land that is slowly decaying from within. Jul 21, Adarsh rated aryavarfa did not like it. I have been on journey of Indian mythology for a while now and aryavarha such good reviews this series had garnered, I decided to read it and I was not disappointed. Now some negative points, while i became fan of writing style the whole campaign for imperial throne was lil bit dry and boring.

Krishna Udayasankar – Wikipedia

The bonds of friendship are tested, the feelings of love are exploited and the stakes are placed in the ultimate test of time and war. From there we see the same events unfold but mostly from the perspective of Panchali who is trying chroniclrs understand the reason for Govinda’s chess moves. Audible Download Audio Books. Udayasankar is an excellent writer.


Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar But who holds the key to the fantastic and startling knowledge of the Firewrights, which in the wrong hands will bring doom upon the empire? They seem far fetched not due to the ‘leap of faith’ or ‘leap of interpretation’, but simply because certain events and certain view of events of the Mahabharata are so firmly entrenched in our minds that to overcome them is a challenge.

A story for the sake of a story. There are soooooooo many names, people,events etc this leaves the reader clueless. For example, when Yudhistira is coroneted the Empire of Aryavarta and the First Honor is giving to Govinda; at that time Shisupala raises his objection and throw expletives at Bhishma and Vyasa for their foolery. The story will make you look at the map given in the starting of the book a number of times with all the places and ancient kingdom with their terrain qualities clearly marked.

Krishna Udayasankar

It is our own world but where the Kuru clan have the misogynistic views of Manu and his script not sure which time Manu is from. Finally, some class in writing from an Indian in the recent times. I find such complex writing in most of foreign fantasy writers.