Sure he can act (and direct), but can he write? Readers and critics remained undecided after the publication of Hawke’s first novel, The Hottest. Complete summary of Ethan Hawke’s Ash Wednesday. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ash Wednesday. From the actor, director, and writer Ethan Hawke: a piercing novel of love, marriage, and renewal. Jimmy is AWOL from the army, but—with characteristic.

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The girlfriend was tall and beautiful with big feet, always talking philosophically about everything like Julie Delphy zsh ‘Before Sunrise’super smart and REALLY into sex all the time every day.

Review: Fiction: Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke

Both Jimmy and Christy are walking through this doorway, and Ash Wednesday seemed a perfect title that could shelter comfortably all the themes of the book. Books of the Week.

It is not at all mushy like how love stories normally are. Or our status as new members of the crowd?


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I hadn’t ever thought about that before, but at that moment I felt somehow that marriage was responsible for all wdenesday misery.

Such a real, heartfelt book full of inspiration and hope. It was a quick and interesting read. Is it possible to give a flawed book five stars? View all 4 comments.

Ash Wednesday: Ethan Hawke: Bloomsbury Publishing

Stick to looking scraggly and hot in movies, Mr. Analog Audio Cassette – eethan Jimmy Heartsock, AWOL from the army, and his pregnant girlfriend, Christy, are the young couple caught between love and disillusionment whose path to self-discovery is punctuated by passion “This girl had a friggin’ fireball for a heart” as well as endearing quirkiness. Partly from the perspective of James Heartstock and partly from the perspective of his young wife Christy, this novel is a volatile road trip with each lover wondering who they are and how they got there.


Have to say that I really felt like he was writing about himself and Uma. Pretend as best you can that this story was written by someone you haven’t seen ehhan movies, and you will likely admit that ethaj is not a publisher’s bone thrown to a popular actor.

Review: Fiction: Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke | The Sunday Times

What allows Hawke’s effort to stand out from the masses of other books on the subject, is his obvious understanding of confused devotion and the havoc it plays on the psyche of the young adult.

Jimmy is AWOL from the army, but – with characteristic fierceness and terror – he’s about to embark on the biggest commitment of his life. An appearance by a cat named Grace just as one character is seeking the concept of grace is also a little And, also like Sarah and William, Jimmy and Christy, for the most part, are believable and engaging characters.

They are quitting jobs, doing drugs, getting married, quitting drugs, finding God, cleaning up their bad habits, starting up new bad habits, all for reasons that are hard to relate to. Hawke writes women very well.

Some of my favourite moments: The story is disciplined, every chapter works as a short story, polished and refined.

Jul 30, Catherine rated it it was amazing. This seems like a sin — and then I remembered that Hemingway could disgust me. The ones that appear most consistently are: After all, he loves her and was an idiot for letting her go in the first place.

Perhaps there is a third Hawke book out there hidden under pseudonym. Jimmy Heartsock is a young soldier who breaks up with girlfriend Christy Walker only to propose marriage to her eight days later. Your subscription will end shortly.


Did Hawke give up after this one? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. They are quitting jobs, wednnesday drugs, getting married, quitting drugs, finding God, cleaning up their bad habits, starting up new bad h How can characters who are so multi-layered and so well-developed somehow be problematic?

Sep 01, Romany rated it liked it.

When I was a kid the holiday always intrigued me—watching all these otherwise reasonable adults walking around with ashes on their foreheads — wearing them as a reminder that they too soon would be dust.

Too sad that the movie adaptation of his first novel, The Hottest State did not fly and Hawke is now 41 years old too old wefnesday play Jimmy.

I did feel like the female character, though admirable and cool and self-aware and confident and smart and all that, was still a male fantasy, one for bookish nerd boys who like women who are super smart and maybe a bit too complicated, ethhan a handful, but they are so sexy when they talk about nihilism and post modernist architecture and then take off all their clothes.

Two chapters in I realized that I needed to carry a notebook because I had to sah over constantly to rewind the audio do we still call it rewinding?