Plot summary. The story begins with Vitalstatistix receiving a missive from his brother Doublehelix in Lutetia (modern-age Paris) who wants his aid in making a . Read Asterix Online. – Asterix and the Normans (), – Asterix the Legionary (), – Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield (), – Asterix at . Asterix: Asterix and the Normans by Rene Goscinny, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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To teach the Normans fear, Asterix sends Obelix to fetch Cacofonix, while himself remaining as a hostage. There are panels in the second half of this book that look un-inked. Asterix in Britain Rene Goscinny. They are brutal, violent aggressors. The challenge the Normans face is used and stretched to its limit, BUT never over stays it welcome.

When Justforkix explains his Chariot is from Mediolanum now MilanItaly it is a reference to modern sports cars made there.

The Gauls and the Norman get along very well, when you think about it. Whereas Justforkix learns courage, the Roman soldier Oleaginus learns to fear the Gauls and Normans and also the means of evading confrontation, such as wasting time on making three copies of the same report i. This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Asterix at the Olympic Games Tue Goscinny.

It also feels liberated and they are so confident they play with the overall format and structure. Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield Rene Goscinny.

Asterix and the Normans Rene Goscinny. Description A Norman invasion of the Gaulish village! Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of When Asterix questions the Normans’ interest in fear, Getafix replies that courage is achieved only by having first been afraid, and superseding the fear to the desired effect.


We get astefix culture clash of a travel book and the more luxurious pace of a village book.

Asterix and the Normans | Viewcomic reading comics online for free

Asterix and the Big Fight Rene Goscinny. Anyway loved this one overall and dare I say it its as good as any so far for me and on that basis its gets a richly deserved. Asterix in Belgium Rene Goscinny. Views Read Edit View history.

He was the older suit-and-tie generation and the pot-smoking youngsters from the Pilote bullpen were giving him a hard time. I like that all-knowing wink from Asterix. The story begins with Vitalstatistix receiving a frre from his brother Doublehelix in Lutetia Paristo ask for the education of Doublehelix’s teenage son, Justforkix.

Asterix and the Normans – Wikipedia

Oh, and there are some Romans in this book. This is a reference to the Normandian maihinnousuthe standard Finnish history-book term for the Normandy Landings of This story originates in the political context of the times.

The Mansions of the Gods Asterix: Another secret weapon is brought into play Book ratings by Goodreads. Rolling Menhirs is a reference to the famous rock group the Rolling Stones. But they know no fear. Comics infobox image less caption Graphic novel pop.

Asterix: Asterix and the Normans : Album 9

Seriously, there are a few standout pun names that I remember clearly from my childhood because I loved them so much: Justforkix was the star of a series of Asterix gamebookspopular in the s. He finds this to be a reason to panic. It annoys my wife — which is a bonus. I think Moebius was in on that meeting, too.


As a character type, I love them.

09- Asterix and the Normans

A small Roman patrol is also involved in the resulting fight. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Thereafter Justforkix is claimed to have gained courage himself, and the story ends with the customary banquet, but with Cacofonix as guest of honour and Fulliautomatix tied up, with his ears filled with parsley.

The same goes for the line across the right side of the bagpipes. Ad cries when Obelix accidentally uproots and tosses a tree. Meanwhile, a Norman crew arrive in Gaul to discover “the meaning of fear”, on grounds that they are fearless to the point of not understanding the concept, but have heard of people “flying in fear”, and believe that being afraid frew grant them the ability to fly. The new editions have a dramatically different cover, not just a recolored one.

It would also be the best pun had I known it as he is indeed very sycophantic, straight aaterix legionnary and so its brilliantly apt. For me this benefits many things.