There are 3 different works beginning Ave Maria by Josquin des He also wrote two settings of the ‘standard’ text, Ave Maria benedicta. Ave Maria, Gratia plena, Dominus tecum, Virgo serena. Ave, cuius Conceptio, Solemni plena gaudio, Caelestia, Terrestria, Nova replet laetitia. Recently, biographers of Josquin des Prez have been playing a game something akin to “Where’s Waldo?” In this case, it is “Who’s Josquin?” Thirty years ago.

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Henri Pousseur’s “Vue sur les Jardins Interdits” was offered as a “palate cleanser,” but even this work’s restless outer sections surrounded a peaceful center that demonstrated a distinct affinity with the rest of evening’s program.

Within this style of composition, Josquin wrote desprezz motet of classic balance. His works include 18 masses, motets, 70 chansons, and many other secular works. From the smooth, creamy lines of the opening “Domine,” through the mellifluous sound that the players brought to the “Ave Maria,” the selections by Desprez had a wonderfully soothing effect.

His works include 18 masses, motets, 70 chansons, and other secular works. The Sforza mari was, for example, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s patrons. The only standard work for saxophone quartet played by the group was a piece by Alexander Glazunov. Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez.

Ave Maria … Virgo serena

Streams Videos All Posts. The ASQ has always demonstrated the ability to build a strong program, and maira was no exception. Local details often relate directly to the affect of a portion of text, such as the sudden expanse of complete homophonic harmony at the text “solemni plena gaudio.


Recordings Renaissance Masterworks of Josquin Desprez. Music for Inner Peace. Vokalmusik von Dufay bis Palestrina. Missa Pange lingua is a paraphrase mass based on Pange lingua, a hymn of praise to Jesus Christ.

Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez

The unity of musical sound, representing the spiritual unity of prayer, completes the act of worship which has been the rhetorical goal of the text. Ave cujus conceptio, solemni plena gaudio, celestia, terrestria, nova replet letitia.

This very modern “old” music was tossed off with the ASQ’s trademark clean, precise articulation, especially apparent in the breakneck speed of the “Petite Marche. Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee, serene Virgin. While the regularity of imitation initially articulates the phrases, the middle verses exemplify the articulation from contrasts in texture.

Duets alternate with one another a characteristic and favorite textural gambit of Josquin’sand with a texture of duet plus an accompanying third voice. For sheer sonic beauty, it’s pretty close to nirvana. Even today, it is considered one of the most nearly perfect compositions of its era.

The work was composed during Josquin’s service at the North Italian court at Milan.

The structure of Josquin’s musical setting corresponds to the text in a lucid way. Privacy policy About ChoralWiki Disclaimers. Missa De Beata Virgine. Its revolutionary open style featuring early imitative counterpoint and two-voice parts has added to its acclaim as one of the most influential compositions of its time.


Ave Maria (Josquin des Prez) – ChoralWiki

Josquin locates each of these structural cadences in progressions of increasing power, placing the strongest, most perfect desprea for the very end of each line. Views Read Edit View history. Sunday, December 16, Clear imitation of each phrase, in the style of litanyedsprez echoes from the highest to lowest voice, almost resembling Gregorian chant. Sunday, February 28, Duets alternate between voices and often break off into trios.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Dwsprez two sections of the “Misse Pange lingua” were especially memorable, from the euphonious sounding “Gloria” to the evening’s final piece, the “Sanctus,” highlighted by duets for soprano and alto, and tenor and baritone.

Steal Away to Jesus: Each and every one of the motets featured on this recording is truly a masterwork of Renaissance counterpoint.

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The most important musical figure of his time, he summarized the complishments of the preceding generations of Dufay and Ockeghem, just as Beethoven summarized the accomplishments of the first Viennese school.