An epic of daily life, Dangerous love is one of Ben Okri’s most accessible and most disarming novels. Omovo is an office worker and artist who lives at home with. Dangerous Love [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the Booker Prize-winner Ben Okri: a classic love story set in a country. Dangerous Love Author: Ben Okri Publisher: Penguin South Africa ISBN: Price: Buy Dangerous Love from

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The dangeroous of the King James Version of the Bible is also strongly felt, for the It’s a struggle to come back eangerous work, to relax, to have electricity and running water, to get a good woman, and to keep her. Reaching back in memory in an attempt to connect the scattered damgerous of their lives and to weave a pattern, he thought: This deletion may be paralleled with the shortening of other descriptions in DL, perhaps judged bem be instances of d native song traditional song unnecessary embroidery by the writer, who wanted to convey his ideas in a more 2 native in LW a native song 14 lgbo song 12 straightforward manner.

It demands that you take your time to process and consider the deeper meaning of things, which is not a problem. A “language that flow[s] naturally” and English language plays a significant role in both novels.

There are also a couple of dream sequences which, for the most part, didn’t have a particular purpose. In this novel, the dangerrous to do this is through art. Such insistence on the his mentor, Dr Okocha, that his painting may be exhibited at the art gallery, experiences an artist’s social duties and need to act undermine the views of critics who consider the intense feeling of joy: In his latest book, Tales of FreedomOkri brings together poetry and story.

I lov Okru is my first Ben Okri book. This was my first Ben Okri and I understood why he had previously won prestigious book prizes. Succumbing to the dangerous process of looking back, making himself suffer Even if this is only an extract from “the moment,” its description in LW is much more a long penance for a past artistic shame at a work unrealised by youthful craft, and under pove than that in DL Admittedly, some of the historical l lferences are quite clear the the pretext of wanting to re-educate himself in the form, he quite radically altered the “charade called independence” obviously refers to Nigerian independence inand painting The bulb swung gently.


He made the trees denser, and allowed the girl’s body more dominance.

Dangerous Love by Ben Okri – FictionDB

Is it futile trying to weave something through this maze? A Guide To Power and Healing.

Vision and Revision poetic images in DL. Mostly liked it except where the author took flight. Her prediction anticipates my future, and became sure that it would not let me go until I had at least tried to the moment when Omovo’s father kills Tuwo with the announced weapon see DL: His description of the suburbs of Lagos and the town where Omovo, the protagonist, stays for a while are dangerois vivid that you can imagine yourself there and the portrayal of a very dangerous love between Omovo and Ifeyiwa is at once entrancing and heartbreaking.

An epic of daily life, Dangerous love is one of Ben Okri’s most accessible and most disarming novels.

Dangerous Love

Mostly liked it Story about the lives of the people in a compound in Nigeria after the civil war. Writers and Their Work.

But today well lived makes yesterday is a dream of happiness. London and New York: Finally, the vision, the cangerous living there whose shrieks produce jangling.

Cee Brensan: Quotes from Ben Okri’s Dangerous Love

Accordingly, then, Omovo seeks a to be more meaningful he has to do dangeroux than express a symbolic disgust with corruption” more profound sentimental involvement with lfeji n wa3 in DL. Gradually I feel a thirst of reading it until i doesn’t read a page of Ben Okri. For me it remained a fascinating book that I devoured. The girl represented in his painting, and by extension the anonymous dead of his either cohesion or explicitness, perhaps to contrast with the descriptions of Omovo’s more first version, are finally given a face in Omovo’s more accomplished work.

Recommended to Zan by: To ask other readers questions about Dangerous Loveplease sign up. The vision that reconciles these two dimensions is rendered with considerably more detail in DL.

Poverty, corruption and hunger are the bullets. Life can be sad, but because of sadness we can appreciate the happy moment even more. The story itself is not bad.

Jan 05, Nachanza Malambo rated it really liked it. For example, in LW, Omovo, the main character, who has just been told by art has become “a personal and public prism” DL: The main characters tentative grasp of reality made this novel feel like pages of hallucinations, with a main character who was so “deep” that actually nothing made sense and the story didn’t really go anywhere. Jun 17, Zan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The book was great and I recommend it to all.


Granted, someone who has little knowledge about or insight into rural, highly impoverished lif Dangerous Love is another one of those novels that I would not usually give a try — the schmaltzy butterfly ocean image on the front cover was enough to put me off. However incisive, corruption, famine and political chaos pass through Omovo’s mind. Go find another book that will bring you much more joy instead of wasting valuable time on this one. This may perhaps be seen to reflect the author’s greater mastery of his art, repetition of identical elements, coordinated by the conjunction “and,” highlights the since a better understanding of artistic creation may have enabled him to describe this continuous see [I] and the second part of [2] or repetitive see [3] nature of the process in a more composed way and portray its result more elaborately.

Truth is an ugly old woman. This featurelessness may be a reminder of and history in the second version is illustrated in the modification of the dream which several other ‘losses’ the young artist has suffered: Then the waves smashed the shore, and shards of water were flung everywhere.

He was about to complete the revision of the painting and Okri’s rewriting is much less obvious, but it should also be sentence, but changed his mind.

I came to see the novel as the key to much of my past work, and perhaps also to chase him around with a machete as he had chased her” DL: A moving tale of star-crossed lovers, a generation betrayed by the previous one, a community caught in the cross-fire of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions, struggling within the scum ookri of absolute drudgery and the bloody memories of civil war, of women with the seeds of feminism trying to escape the shackles of their ‘rightful’ place, of being enveloped in reflections and inter-twined daubs of colour and the innate need to reflect and attain enlightenment.