A cutting-edge handbook for parents from a pioneer in infant brain development Should you really read to your baby? Can teaching a baby sign language. Dr Jill Stamm, a leading authority in infant brain development, uses the latest scientific research to show how parents can nurture their child’s. Bright from the Start: The Simple, Science-Backed Way to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind from Birth to Age 3 offers scientific reasoning.

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So far it’s confirming things I’ve sensed, such as why TV is detrimental to a developing mind, and how responding to a crying baby is good, but there is so much more. May 23, Kristyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Dil ogrenimi, muzik, kitap okuma vb.

This author has a daughter who was born a preemie. A leading authority in infant brain development, Dr.

Baby Brain Box – Bright From The Start Book – Author Dr. Jill Stamm, Ph.D. – Child Development

Now, thirty-two years later, her daughter is living proof that nearly every baby? As a teacher and a mom-to-be, I think this book is right on with its tone about child development. As the mother of a month-old boy who has just learned to walk, I find myself often wondering if his constant wandering from toy to toy and room to room sfart healthy.

Many practical advices can be found in the book, such as how to choose a day-care service, what toys to buy, how much TV or music kids should be exposed to, etc. In reading some of the other reviewers opinions, I noticed the frequency of “But I already knew this stuff!


Books for Parents: Bright from the Start by Jill Stamm

Jll book was informative. Please try again later. For kids above that age, they have to deal with pre schools, disciplines, relationship, cultures, etc. But they need it more consistently and earlier than it is often provided. Due to the high ratings on Amazon, I think I wanted to not like this book.

But once I returned to the book the very next day I decided to start at page 1 and actually read through the whole thing. She’s quite frank about how television and other screen time can damage a child’s attention and cognitive processing before the age of two, but also recognizes that sometimes parents just need 20 mins for a shower or a phone call and that the occasional viewing of Blue’s Clues or The Wiggles isn’t going to prevent your kid from growing normally.

Stamm’s theory is simple to follow.

Bright from the Start

You need to be present. Great introduction to child development for new parents. Medina is a scientist and a wonk. A leading authority in infant brain development, she makes new, remarkable findings accessible to everyone in Bright from the Start.

References with Brain Briefs.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Maintaining the bond he has with the nannies is too important, Stamm says. Not that the ideas were bad or ill thought out Practical games and tips for each developmental age group will show you not only what the latest findings are but, more importantly, tell you what to do with them.


Learning a musical instrument actually does seem to have significant cognitive benefits increased hand-eye coordination, for examplebut generally she’s a big proponent of the idea that music should be one of life’s great joys, rather than a way to make sure your kid gets into Harvard.

I wasn’t sure at first about her routine references to her own struggles to raise her disabled daughter, Jenny. Refresh and try again. Maybe the book would be better if I read it rather than listened to it. Dr Seuss Had It Right. Attention sfart the kids to concentrate deeplyBonding emotional interaction and support and Communication language.

Open Preview See a Problem? I rrom don’t understand anything that is “science backed” but somehow Stamm explains the science of the brain so clearly I didn’t want to skim over any of it. Make sure they are open to ideas and the latest research on child development. The main goal of the methods suggested in the book is to activate different regions of the brain, thus help the brain exercise and grow.

Jul 31, Pages. Her passion leads her to focus on improving the lives and outcomes of children, and she understands that parents need to know wtart they can do.