Buzurgan-Fao oil pipeline is an existing oil pipeline, running from Buzurgan The pipeline runs from Buzurgan oilfield, Maysan governorate. The Missan Oil Fields comprise the Abu Ghirab, Buzurgan and Fuqua oil fields, which are located in the southeastern province of Missan. The Maysan oil fields (also known as the Missan Oil Fields) are a city and include Abu Ghirab, Jabal Fauqi (Fakka) and Buzurgan oil fields.

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Buzurgan-Fao oil pipeline – SourceWatch

Seismic interpretation could be useful to define the anticline flanksbut only 1 of 5 foeld lines is interpreted without issues of projection. Studies indicate the Asmari Formation is a thick sequence of shallow water carbonate representing sedimentation on a carbonate ramp. As examples, the development of a single reservoir or field, an incremental development pil a producing field, or the integrated development of a group of several fields and associated facilities with a common ownership may constitute a development project.

Lithologically, the Asmari Formation consists of limestone, dolomitic limestone, dolomite and marly limestone. This page was last modified on 30 Januaryat The third is the design and construction of an oil export pipeline from the oilfields to Fao Port. Cumulative production to end December2 0 11 was MMstb, which represents 9. It should be noted that these buzurgaj only consider the Rehabilitation Phase and do not include volumes to be produced from the Enhanced Redevelopment Plan, which buzzurgan currently still undefined.

Missan Oil Price Scenario. Mis hrif – MA. Policy ” Congressional Research Service3 November Condensate is a mixture of hydrocarbons that exists in the gaseous phase at original reservoir temperature and pressurebut thatwhen produced, is in the liquid phase at surface pressure and temperature.

Iraq: CNOOC close to signing Missan oil field deal

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Net Present Value Summary. Same environment of deposition. Extraction of saleable hydrocarbons, in the solid, liquid, or gaseous state, from oil sandsshalecoalbeds, or other nonrenewable natural resources which are intended to be upgraded into synthetic oil or gasand activities undertaken with a view oiil such extraction.

The problems associated with the majority of the seismic data did not allow proceeding with validation of the seismic interpretation. The project has been approved for development by all necessary parties and entities, including governmental entities. A total of 65 production wells have been drilled in the Missan fieldsof which 40 are currently active. For this assignmentGCA served as an independent reserve estimator. China’s state-owned oil companies have been heavily investing overseas in recent years, albeit with mixed success, in an effort to ensure adequate supplies of fuel for the country’s booming economy.


The initial rate assigned to wells drilled in 2 0 13 was reduced on the basis of the observed field pressure depletion of each field. In the absence of data on fluid contacts, proved quantities in a reservoir are limited by the lowest known hydrocarbons LKH as seen in a well penetration unless geoscienceengineering, or performance data and reliable technology establishes a lower contact with reasonable certainty.

Mid Case assumes exponential decline and high case assumes hyperbolic decline. gield

As there may be some upside potential in buzurgam dolomitic A Formation that might have been overlookedGCA has widened the range of these reservoir parameters accordingly. In order to meet these production targets, CNOOC expects to have a total of 19 drilling rigs and 2 workover rigs operating during Materials, supplies, arid fuel consumed and supplies utilized in operating the wells and related equipment and facilities.

Decline curve analysis DCA by well was utilized to estimate the field decline rates for the three fields. Lifting the oil and gas to the surface; and. Oil volume is in Millions stock tank barrels MMstb.

In order to do thisGCA interpreted 14 wells from a total database of the 72 well interpretations that had been provided. The Contractor is assumed not bjzurgan incur any sustaining Capex or Abandonment costs during the Contract Term.

There are two aspects to the water prediction uncertainty: These cut-offs are considered to be reasonable for a matrix porosity system. The subset of wells chosen for detailed review were selected to ensure full coverage of the three fields, their reservoirs and if there were concerns regarding contacts.

Migrations took place almost vertically and were facilitated by intense fracturing in high-relief anticlines.

As of December2 0 11there were 21 wells in production3 of which have dual completions producing from more than one reservoir section BU – 6, BU – 12BU – Some support equipment or facilities may serve two or more oil and gas producing. The average oil flowrate for the four wells drilled in the Buzurgan Field in 2 0 11 was around 18 0 0 bopdwith three of the four wells flowing between 20 0 0 and 2, bopd. Reservoirs that are associated by being in overlapping or adjacent fields may be treated as a single or common operational field.


Buzurgan oilfield, Wāsiţ, Iraq

The first point at which oilgas, or gas liquidsnatural or syntheticare delivered to a main pipelinea common carrier, a refineryor a marine terminal; and. In this casethe structure map should be defined using also seismic interpretation.

News listings energy-pedia licensing Iraq. The accuracy of any reserve estimate is a function of the quality of the available data and of engineering and geological interpretation. Although, if executed, GCA considers the production targets could be achieved providing that the new well productivity is as expected.

Implementation will be achieved in two periods: A portion of the resources may be estimated to be recoverable, and another portion may be considered to be unrecoverable. The geological terms “structural feature” and “stratigraphic condition” are intended to identify localized geological features as opposed to the broader terms of basins, trends, provincesplays, areas – of-interestetc.

A total of 12 wells 5 in Abu Ghirab2 in Buzurgan and 5 in Fauqi have been shut – in due to premature water production. GCA has classified as Reserves those hydrocarbon volumes that would be economically recoverable as a tield of implementing the 3-year Rehabilitation Pan.

Generally speakingthe Asmari Formation has better reservoir characteristics with permeability up to 1 Dbut it is stratigraphically and dynamically more complexwith multiple flow units and oil-water contacts. Most buzurggan show peak generation to be very recent 15 Ma or less in the Mid Miocene Neogene coincident with the Zagros collision and the thick accumulation of orogenic clastics in the Zagros foredeep.