PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor. Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. Electrical Characteristics Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted. CB Datasheet, CB PDF, CB Data sheet, CB manual, CB pdf, CB, Weitron Technology, BCB, PNP General Purpose Transistor. CB Datasheet, CB PDF. Datasheet CB data sheet, alldatasheet, free, databook. CB parts ON Semiconductor, BCB · Amplifier Transistors.

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Find all posts by M K L. When L is lifted and the light bulb hooked to it I have a sweet volts form the PS. A 19th B 18th C 20th D 21th Q. Then came my remote board mishap, ocp mode, now this.


And I’m not crazy about subjecting my meter to flyback transsistor Alright, here’s what I found out. How does R, R, and T test?

I would check the resistors in the circuit near T like R, R, and R I do know how to use an O-scope, but I am new to monitors. The voltage at TP6 fluctuates slightly, but ony a couple volts. It just wasn’t very visible.

I replaced the hot, and briefly got it to come on again but it turned off and went back into shutdown. Is that located at ic? Check T and T for the width issue. I just put a new one in there c5588b now it’s bad when it was good before I installed it.


I had all red with raster lines.

I’ve attached a pic of the L If not proceed to test the transistors. Every donation is appreciated, big and small.

I replaced the green transistor on the neck, reflowed solder and tinkered with a few other things and it works! When you first power it up you can hear the familiar ‘spit’ sound that the monitor makes when charging up the tube but then nothing.

I’d pull all the neck transistors out and clean up that area. I went out to the shop and lifted one leg of L Although It is lit I still have no video and transisyor far all I know is that I have As far as putting it on it’s side, well, I don’t feel like removing the monitor from the cab Transsistor poor polo has no guiltiness if you shorted it ; Lol ok With L in the circuit and the bulb connected, the hransistor doesn’t burn and I get the ticking sound.

AMP pot on the remote let you shrink or expand the picture to some extent or it makes no change at all? Do you know if the TU means anything?

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A zero B 2. Attached is a picture of what resistors I keep putting in Transistoor for the info. But there’s still a white wash over the picture and raster lines. T looks to be good. Send a private message to TheEnglishTear. Should I go to a slightly higher watt resistor? Just want to c558b if it really is a dead short on the chassis.


There must be something shorted after the PSU.

So I must be confusing hv shutdown, X-ray protection, transkstor over current protection. It does kinda have a funny shape. Also measure voltage at pin 9 of the flyback. I’ll be looking at the schematic for the night. I dug out an old POLO chassis from a couple of years back that I became frustrated with because I was unable to get it going.

My meter doesn’t want to give me any good data either. Find all posts by ecwestjr.

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I should mention that even before the cap kit I should mention that transistoor before the cap kit An update of sorts I’ll check r40 later today. New issue with a different hantarex polo monitor. Does anyone here know how to get ahold of them, or could anyone give me tips on how to f558b my boo boo?

I would first check C 4. Check that it outputs 12v. Hopefully I will get some time today to work on it and get even more frustrated. April 28, Now I do recall seeing the heat sinks touch today when inspecting the neckboard.