Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cancer de la ampolla de Vater | The authors report the results of studies on five patients -3 males and 2 females- with . Periampullary tumors are neoplasms that arise in the vicinity of the ampulla of Vater. Neoplasms that arise in this site can originate from the. Metastasis of breast cancer to major duodenal papilla Palabras clave: Ampolla de Vater; Neoplasias de la mama; Ictericia (fuente: DeCS BIREME).

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Jpn J Cancer Res. Histological examination showed a ds, with infiltration in the duodenal mucosa. Only a few studies have focused on this specific group of tumors and the available case series are generally small.

T0 No evidence of primary tumor. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Am Coll Surg.


Huibregtse KTytgat GN. Ampullary carcinoid tumour presenting with extrahepatic biliary obstruction. Patients were divided in 2 subgroups: Eckel F, Schmid RM. Smeenk et al[ 39 ] Aust N Z J Surg. Support Center Support Center. Sign up for our Email Newsletters. In most of these cases a first-line chemotherapy was administered [gemcitabine-oxaliplatino: Overall, we identified 20 patients with ampullary and 26 patients with other biliary tract carcinomas gallbladder: Treatment options for advanced or unresectable stages vter discussed below.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The chemotherapic options available for ampullary cancer are also reviewed. Tiago Bastos 1aThiago F. Sikora et al[ 37 ] Conversely, no survival advantage was reported between patients with pancreatic, bile duct, or ampullary carcinomas.


Tumors of ampulla of Vater: A case series and review of chemotherapy options

Yamaguchi K, Enjoji M. Moreover the survival of these patients was compared with that of a group of other biliary tract tumors. Published online Mar Chemotherapy improves survival and quality of life in advanced pancreatic and biliary cancer. Table 1 Demographics, histological features, stage, treatment received and outcome of 20 cases of ampullary carcinoma. The study of microsatellite instability MSI pattern in ampullary tumours showed a ampola association between high-MSI and intestinal mucinous differentiation[ 9 ].

Only a few retrospective studies have focused on the adjuvant treatment in ampullary cancer, whilst ampullary tumors more often constitute a subgroup of pancreato-biliary tumors ampollla in adjuvant clinical trials.

Factors predictive of survival in ampullary carcinoma.

Within this context, the metastases of breast tumor to the major duodenal papilla are a very rare event, with only three cases reported in the world literature, all due to lobular breast carcinoma.

Surgery represents the main therapeutic approach for ampullary cancer, whilst unresectable tumors can be treated with either radiotherapy or chemotherapy. No evidence of disease; DOO: Metastasis of breast cancer to major duodenal papilla Palabras clave: To date, there are no consistent data concerning biliary tree tumors ee antiangiogenic drugs and only a few studies concerning anti-epidermal growth factor receptor EGFR drugs.


Assessment of nutritional status and supplementation when necessary Fortunately, most of these patients do not have any nutritional problems. Conversely, no survival advantage was reported between patients with pancreatic, bile duct, or ampullary carcinomas.

Metástasis del cáncer de mama a la papila mayor duodenal

Cetuximab, gemcitabine, and oxaliplatin in patients with unresectable advanced or metastatic biliary tract cancer: Gemcitabine-based adjuvant chemotherapy improves survival after aggressive surgery for hilar cholangiocarcinoma. An endoscopic ultrasound EUS was recommended, and it demonstrated infiltration of the injury until the muscular layer of the duodenal wall, without suspicious regional lymph nodes.

Carcinomas of the Ampulla of Vater are rare tumors, accounting for 0. Bhatia et al[ 38 ] Disappointingly, no significant survival advantage was observed in the treatment group although CCRT produced a significant reduction in the appearance of liver metastases in periampullary tumors.

Experience with ampoloa tumors of the duodenum, ampulla, head of the pancreas, and distal common bile duct. An acceptable standard of chemotherapy in a setting of advanced ampullary adenocarcinoma may be the ciplatin-gemcitabine regimen.

Tumor of the ampulla of Vater: