X / X X / X / X X / X 1. INTRODUCTION. This guide has been prepared for the operator of Carrier Transicold. Carrier Refrigeration Operation – Imprimй en France . XARIOS STARTING WITH SERIAL NUMBER PB XARIOS Agent for Zepro, Tail lifts, Del Tail lifts and Carrier refrigeration Systems for vans, XARIOS Carrier-XariosLCVjpg Carrier-Xarios

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Start-up and control of box temperature D On the power network: When the unit is running beware of belts and fans that are moving.

D before compressor installation, slowly open the plug on the discharge valve and vent the nitrogen holding charge. The Belt Tension gauge can be used to adjust all belts. Connect switch to carrrier cylinder of dry nitrogen see Figure d.


Liquid line fitting Refrigerant charge Bearing lubrification Refer to Table The thermal bulb is located below the center of the suction line. Open circuit detected heating standby option. If O-ring is to be replaced, always put refrigerant oil on O-rings before installing.

Valve body assembly 7. Keep the ambient temperature above Fire fighters and others who may be exposed to products of combustion should wear full fire fighting turn out gear full Bunker Gear and self-contained breathing apparatus. The message must not be more than symbols.

Store away from strong oxidizing agents or combustible material. Always use adequate tools and Personal Protective Equipment when working on electrical devices: If the defrost cycle does not terminate after 45 minutes, the cycle terminates automatically and displays alarm code A Checking high pressure cutout switch. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. Similar Threads xarios cab control By cupidstunt79 in forum Transport.


Too much tension shortens belt and bearing life, and too little tension causes slippage and excessive belt wear.

Refrigeration Unit CARRIER Xarios (12V ; Ra) ; NEW

Vacuum pump connection 1. Flammable limits – LEL: Should a problem develop with these component, contact your nearest Carrier Transicold dealer for replacement. Check valve optional Use water spray on person making shut-off and on containers and cylinders. Ensure the unit will not restart.

Bottom cover Return air sensor Right side cover Starting valve Expansion valve Get medical attention if frostbitten by liquid or if irritation occures. Place new coil over enclosing tube and then install voltage plate and snap cap.

Remove refrigerant using a refrigerant recovery system and repair any leaks. The refrigerant then flows through the carrker, where an absorbent keeps it dry and clean.

XARIOS | Eurorent – официален дистрибутор за България на Carrier

Beware when handling or operating closed from parts that could be sharp coils, evaporators, clamps for example. Air is pulled in through the front and discharges over the engine. Open king valve half way and allow the liquid refrigerant to flow into the unit until the correct weight of refrigerant has been added as indicated by scales.


Air temperature in the box change rapidly, but it takes time for the product temperature to change. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.

Partially block off air flow to condenser coil so discharge pressure rise to 22 bars RA. Horse power Operating amps g. Remove cap item 1 from CPR valve. Never removed them when the refrigeration unit xarkos running.

The difference is the superheat of the suction gas. Heating and defrost Cycle – over 22 bar. Minimum shut-down only on standby The minimum shut-down compressor carreir 5 minutes.

Be sure that the unit is stopped during this operation. Service D D Change the compressor oil. When refrigerant cylinder weight scale indicates that the correct charge has been added, close the manifold valves. There is no maintenance on evaporator fan motor. Check the temperature setpoint is correct by pressing the SET key; the set-point temperature is highlighted on the digital display. Verify coil type, voltage and frequency.

Check the belt tension of the compressor drive belts.