Carrion Comfort: A Novel [Dan Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. CARRION COMFORT is one of the three greatest horror novels . Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Carrion Comfort: A Novel – Kindle edition by Dan Simmons. The second novel by World Fantasy Award-winner Simmons (The Song of Kali) is a page epic that draws on a variety of genres–horror, science fiction.

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CARRION COMFORT by Dan Simmons | Kirkus Reviews

Oh and they all have the power of mind control. The cast is quite large and includes Saul and the people who join farrion to bring down the mind vampires, Melanie and her two Ability using companions who meet every year to discuss The Gamethe various crimes and murders they aimmons had a hand in and The Island Club, a group of wealthy people who also use the Ability and meet every week to make a group of hapless victims kill each other.

Oh also, some knowledge of chess might enhance your reading experience!

He is determined to resist being taken away in the night but something supernatural compels him to obey the orders of the Schutzstaffel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were horror tropes, sure, but there was very little that was horrifying. I’ll just say that there are these really bad dudes and dudettes that are able to control the actions of other people.


His cat and mouse relationship with the one and only Oberst was interesting, and I found myself cheering for him to succeed and avenge what and who the Oberst had done and is.

View all 12 comments. I enjoyed the mix of, and choice of, perspectives.

Horror lovers, read it, but I reiterate, not for the fainthearted! They discuss a game that involves using an innate power they have, which they call an Ability, to take remote control of people simply through thought and cause them to do anything.

Cqrrion mean, at one point, the word is used as much as “she” and “her”. This book is about people with mind control abilities of different strengths.

This sets Saul, Natalie, the daughter of a victim and Sheriff Gantry on the trail of Melanie and her sinister friends. Every time he was named, I laughed.

They kidnap him in Los Angeles and take him to a secret interrogation room operated by the Mossad in an abandoned barn east of San Juan Capistrano, California off the Ortega Highway.

Return to Book Page. That his name, Saul Laski, should be written into the history books. For those who have read the novel, this little tidbit will interest you: Doesn’t matter what it means or if it was ever acceptable. Do you also like long and rambling adventures populated by normal folk caught up in the nightmare of marionettes, either trying to escape the nightmare or get revenge for the things that had been done to them? These powers can be used to completely control people from a distance to commit any physical action, including murder.


Sometimes I didn’t even want to know where this story was going. Unfortunately, I switched to the audiobook at around the halfway mark so I literally had to listen to this woman say the word dozens carion times. Natalie and Saul are so fleshed out, they feel like real people and you cmofort genuinely invest This book!

Carrion Comfort

At the Atlanta Airportshe is terrified by a courtesy phone call when she hears Nina’s voice, convincing her that somehow Nina has cheated death, perhaps with a stronger Ability than previously known. Let bad guys be bad guys. I saw an interview with Dan Simmons Saul realizes as they are packing up that he is being pursued by FBI Agent Haines, and sets the barn on fire and flees with Ckmfort. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

I loved cqrrion characters in Carrion Comfort. He was so well written, I never doubted his authenticity one bit.

Saul kills The Oberst. Simmons is a talented, competent writer.

World Fantasy Award for Best Novel The mind vampires are disgusting, vile, horrible, evil people. Dan’s first simmosn story appeared on Feb. As Barent leaves, he is killed by Melanie’s use of surrogates, coerced by Natalie back in Charleston.