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Is the university group of scholars protesting against the university its legal representative? In fact, the United Nations had to redefine its approach to pro-peace interventions. Rectors and vice-rectors were chosen considering two main criteria: In the third stage, I collected complementary information to fill gaps in the data or to clarify specific issues.

Some authors stressed the importance of universities fostering adequate conditions for an intellectual dialog Delgado, ; Nahas, or to conduct social critique Qureshi, Some authors have pointed out that universities and colleges were not a significant source of expertise and innovation for the United States during World War I, and the government trusted industry more as a provider for product development Thelin, The authors identified four main aspects of transformation, to which corresponded four roles of universities: Conclusion The different functions of higher education included in the taxonomy presented above will be used to analyze the data in this project but some clarifications are need before starting.

For example, physicists who decided to lend their expertise to the war had to assume a more involved role by developing technology that was clearly oriented to the production of lethal weapons. Most of these tasks are related to functions that have already been discussed in this chapter, such as knowledge transmission and human capital development.

Conflict, Postconflict, and the Functions of Higher Education: Did universities play any role in the construction of peace during the conflict or the postconflict periods?

This research does not evaluate how effective those activities are in achieving or contributing to peacebuilding. Ivan Francisco Pacheco Persistent l NahasTahirsylajand Delgadoprovided examples of academic activities related to the conflict, carried out by universities in conflict or! Unlike the preceding chapters, in which the unit of analysis was each university, in this group of chapter the units of analyzes are the different functions xartilla higher education identified in the conceptual framework.


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Selection of Countries The fieldwork for this dissertation took place in Colombia. The same year the report of the Carnegie Commission was published Arrow published his screening theory and Spence postulated the signaling theory.

kniandes Despite of this recognition, there are very little studies on the role of higher education in the recovery and development of conflict and postconflict countries. Table by the author. I conducted the international overview, based on secondary sources, with a limited number of conflicts and countries. Most studies on the role of universities in conflict and postconflict situations are restricted to one country and one institution. It accounts for an important part of the enrolment increase in public ee education after rocketing from 48, students in tostudents in Very few people can give an estimate of the number of massacres related to the conflict in the last ten, twenty, or thirty years, catilla because these massacres are ignored by the people but because there have been so many that most people lost track of that citae several years ago.

The international overview presenting different conflicts and countries aims at providing a wider perspective of the challenges faced by any higher education system in a conflict or postconflict setting, but there is not enough information or a sound methodology to consider this overview a comparative study.

It is usually said that one of the most important contributions of the university to the war was offering their students to the service of the country.

It might be arguable that the participation of students in war can be counted as a contribution of universities but the fact is that such participation affected universities directly as enrolment, particularly!

Unfortunately, they did not define uninades they meant by real and perceived functions. The avoidance of social change, includes the promotion and reproduction of the ideology of the dominant class, acting as a buffer against unemployment which tends to release the levels of disconformity in societyand the sorting of talent based on previous status or pre-existing skills.

All the interviews were conducted and transcribed in Spanish; only those segments that were cited verbatim were translated into English and to ensure accuracy, the original version in Spanish was included as a footnote. The answer was negative; university faculties were split and assigned to different competent production ministries.


SDS – Smart Development Systems Corp.

However, their availability in conflict and post-conflict situations can be affected by several causes, including that many of them might have been displaced, killed, or hired for other jobs by either the State or the private sector.

The third functional group is Development and it comprises economic, cultural, and political development. Academic socialization constructive environment 4. Such protection does not benefit only scholars; it also benefits societies by providing a space for the evaluation of unorthodox ideas on the sole basis of their intellectual merits.

For example, while indoctrination activities can be considered a valid strategy to promote a specific type of political and economic model e. Additionally, authors have attempted to identify a se between economic development and peace Unaindes for example: The selection of countries is also intended to cover inter and intranational conflict, based on the assumption that such distinction can also affect HEIs involvement in the war effort and in peacebuilding.

University professors also played a key role in this war. This is also the first study on higher education and internal violent conflict analyzing several countries, several universities, and multiple functions of higher education.

The direct and automatic connection between education and economic development has been challenged, particularly when it is not part of a comprehensive plan unaindes development with the participation of private and public sectors, and representatives from different levels of society.

These theories have been criticized, partly because they are very difficult to test something that Arrow acknowledged in his paper but also because if they were true,! Given that the purpose of the event was to illustrate the works of the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education with their partner organizations, all the presentations emphasized this type of collaboration uniadnes higher education institutions.

For the part on Colombia the main unit of analysis was the country itself, particularly its higher education system.