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These instructions are the main body of the loop.

Second, RAM is used efficiently because the allocation of space re- quired must match the maximum number of interme- diate bytes stored at any given time, rather than the total required over the duration of the program The maximum “depth” of a stack is generally very small.

The optimum flow chart is usually one without odd-looking branches from one part to another. Shifting in carry from SHR. Consider addition of two numbers each 2 bytes long.

R X points to byte two SM. So long as the switch is off, the program will continue to test the EFl flag and execute a branch to XX0A during every instruction cycle.

Digital-IC-Lexikon –

One input and one output port. Adding two operands t? Execution starts with R 0 as satasheet program counter. Register P has been previously set to 1designating R l as the current program counter. Point to old IX. This operation is used to specify which scratch-pad “agister is to be used as the program counter. The better a programmer Ci ganiz. To load and start a program, the sequence of operations would be as follows: Although most of the program instructions have a one-byte format, some are two or three bytes in length.


If Dexecution continues with The Status Register in this example is read by executing input instruction 6F.


A connection to a CPU which is configured or programmed to provide a data path between the CPU ‘ and the external devices, such as keyboard, display, reader, etc. The bit assignments of the lat- ter are shown in Fig.

The NO line, which was low, is active high during the execute cycle. Another circuit that can be used for single-stepping the microprocessor one machine cycle per switch de- pression is shown in Fig. This mode allows input bytes to be sequen- tially loaded into memory beginning at M Restore the contents PLO R6.

An input instruction will permit a byte from an external device to be written into memory and the D register: When the switch is turned off, count- ing stops and the current value of the count is displayed. A primary use of the MARK instruction is to facilitate nested subroutine linkage when multiple program counters are employed. These instructions give control over to the next -sub- routine.

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Additionally, it can be used to re- place an instruction in a program, thus removing its effect, a useful debugging technique.

CD Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

Subroutine Techniques In large programs, a particular sequence of instruc- tions is often used many times. A dayasheet to terminate program execution real or simulated upon access to data at a specified memory location. NO and a read level on MRD will enable data from the bus into output register 1 while the input register 1 is disabled from the bus. It also minimizes the problems of contention among multiple interrupt signals. Instruction Utilization, covers many of the same instruc- ions but from a why, when, and how point of view.

In this example, the logic in Fig. In general, R X is the pointer to one operand in memory.

CD4076 PDIP16

The execution of the calling program will re- resume with R p the program counter. Interrupts, however, are disabled until the first instruc- tion or DMA request is executed. U o 1 UTit. The following topics illustrated with timing diagrams are covered in this section. Organisational structure of a computing syilcm, mainly referring to the CPU or microprocessor. DF must also be saved if the interrupt service pro- gram will disturb it.