ILS-CON. ILS™ Control Center. USER MANUAL. Page 2. ILS-CON User Manual. 2 Legend™ R. DMX-. to create a profile for this fixture the Chauvet Legend DMR-ILS, PDF manual can be downloaded and I can create the profile for you. Chauvet | DMX Omega I | Instruction manual | Chauvet DMX Omega I Legend R Legend RX Legend 8bit Legend 16bit Legend .

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The console is connected to a 150g Router via an Ethernet connection. For information on addressing your fixtures, please consult the user manual of the fixtures.

Chauvet DMX Omega I Instruction manual |

Half Screen Bottom 9. Only tagged channels will be recorded when storing a cue, palette, UDK, etc. The tag status of each fixture parameter is indicated on the LCD screen and in the Output Window by its background colour — dark background indicates that the parameter is untagged; bright background indicates that the parameter is tagged. Details of these protocols are found in this section: This is indicated by these twenty faders turning green. The desk will continue down the cue list, one cue at a time.

MFFs can be switched by using the Fader Func. Lock — Lock the console to prevent changes happening.

The Fade modifier affects all fixture parameters programmed in the cues. Adding Fixtures Once this information is collated, you can use one of two methods to add fixtures onto the desk.

Chauvet ILS-CON User Manual: Appendix; Ca-8 Compatible Fixtures; Dmx Primer; Fixture Linking

The Macros are stored within the fixture library and allow control of fixture parameters such as Lamp Legen, Lamp Off, Reset, etc, without needing to find the relevant DMX values on the control channels. To enter Edit Fixtures, press the [Edit Fixtures] button on the monitor. When duplicates are patched for the selected fixture s additional columns are added to the Edit Fixtures table one column per duplicate address as shown in the following example: Type in the required name using the external or on-screen keyboard and then press the [OK] button to complete.


Press the [Add Fixtures] button on the monitor. To output the next cue in the cue stack, simply press chauveg GO button again.

If you have more than one fixture with a number of 1, this patch will patch all of these fixtures together starting chauvef the first alphabetically by manufacturer eg Dimmer 1 atthen AlphaSpot HPE 1 atthen Mac 1 atetc. Use the cursor keys to move to the legdnd field to edit or use the ALL row to select the value for all fixtures in the group. Press the Submaster Controls… button, then select the attributes required using the on-screen buttons.

Chauvet Moving Head

The Fixture Schedule Window will appear. DMX is daisy chained from fixture to fixture, whereas Ethernet data is connected using a Star topology.

If everything has gone according to plan, the fixtures should now have moved to their Home positions. This is known as Page Holdover. One row for each fixture, one column for each parameter.

It is possible to add fixtures using the Patch Wizard, or via Add Fixtures. First, select the required tab Default, Home or Topset. Press the [OK] button to complete the patching operation or the [Cancel] button to cancel.


Chauvet Moving Head: Stage Lighting & Effects | eBay

The monitor returns manusl the Patch screen. These screens connect into the desk using the USB connection. To move a range of cues to another location enter the following command: Figure 98 – Colour Edit Mode All cue data is stored as CMY values, regardless of what colour edit mode is selected, so switching the mode will not change the output data, only the display of this data.

When [Snapshot] or [All Parameters] are selected — all the attribute buttons are forced to red and are no longer editable. The Intensity channel of a fixture can also be controlled using the intensity chhauvet. The cues programmed in the cue stack are listed oegend numerical order. Press the GO button for the selected playback. Rainbow and Circle you can use the Speed wheel to control the speed of all the effects in one go. The Submasters will change to the requested page.

Page 47 Setup Editing Fixtures Edit Fixtures allows you to carry out various functions relating to the fixtures assigned to the desk, including: