Transcript of Antoni Czechow Śmierć urzędnika (), Nieciekawa historia ( ), Sala nr 6 (), Wyprawa na Sachalin (), Człowiek. Read a free sample or buy Wykrzyknik by Anton Czechow. (), Nieciekawa historia (), Sala nr 6 (), Wyprawa na Sachalin (); Mewa (). Checkhov Anton, Anton Tchechow, Anton Tsjechov, Antoni Czechow, Anton . VI] copies; The Plays of Anton Chekhov: Nine Plays including The .. 3 copies; L’Homme à l’étui 3 copies, 1 review; Propuesta Matrimonial/La Sala Número .. Der Kirschgarten, DieMöwe, Drei Schwestern, Krankensaal Nr. 6, Die Dame.

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We are member of. The scope of the doctoral programme: Borderlands, Minorities, Migrations in Sociolinguistic Perspective are aimed at candidates interested in various aspects of the function of language and society on multicultural and multilingual territories. They will also gain skills necessary for work in multicultural and multilingual environments as well as at sites of multicultural contacts and conflicts.

The admission procedure to the interdisciplinary doctoral programme in humanities at the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences will take place by means of a call for proposals. Admission will be based on the results of the qualification procedure phase I of the admission procedure, total of 60 points and the results of the interview phase II of the admission procedure, total of 40 points.

In case of lack of the certificate part of the interview may be conducted in English; czechlw Curriculum Vitae of the candidate including the list of publications, participation in scholarly conferences, other forms of scholarly activity; other, non-scholarly activities, which may aid scholarly work; 4 sa,a letter addressed to the Head of the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences; 5 Provisional title of the doctoral dissertation including its summary OR description of scholarly interests including the analysis of topics of interest — max.

The documents should be submitted by 27 June3. Instytut Slawistyki PAN ul. Candidates will receive information about qualifying to Phase II of the admission procedure by 2 July to qualify to Phase II one needs to obtain at least 30 points in Phase I.

The interview will take place on 16 July at The candidates will be informed by email about the exact time of their interview. The admission procedure is conducted by Admission Committee consisting of six people appointed by the Head of the Institute of Slavic Studies: Wojciech Burszta, dr hab. The results of admission procedure will be made public.

Opowiadania i opowieści. Wybór – Antoni Czechow • BookLikes (ISBN)

The announcement of the results of the admission procedure will take place by 23 July The results of the admission procedure may be appealed against to the Head of the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences within 14 days of the date of czedhow of the results.


The basis of the appeal can only be an indication that the rules of the admission process as defined in Chapter 7, point 1 of the Doctoral Studies Regulations at the Institute of Slavic Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences were not followed.

The decision of the Head of the Institute is czechoow. International students can be admitted to the doctoral programme under conditions laid down in separate regulations. In justified cases the interview can be conducted via Skype. We kindly ask you to contact the Secretary’s Office of the Institute of Slavic Studies for further information. The interview can be conducted in English. In such cases, we kindly ask you to submit your CV, cover letter and the provisional title of the doctoral dissertation including its summary in English.

Interdisciplinary PhD xala in humanities: The study programme is divided into two parts. The first two years will be devoted to: The second part of the studies will be devoted predominantly to field work and preparation of doctoral dissertation under the supervision of the supervisors. Literature, Language, and Culture. Lwowska June The completed application form must be submitted until 15 April to caechow following e-mail address: Invitation and Application form are on website: Structuring the Social in the East and the Mediterranean.

When we seek an answer to zcechow fundamental question: While both these concepts have long been the subjects of interest of the humanities and social sciences, they nowadays remain significant points of reference in our nt at understanding the complexity of the social sxla.

As such, hierarchies and boundaries seem worth re-examining from various theoretical perspectives. Regardless of whether hierarchies and boundaries are articulated in cultural, social or political form, they are never static and fixed, but rather highly susceptible to individual and collective action.

Their shape is czecuow and the relations between them change over time. The 19th volume of the journal “Slavia Meridionalis” will be devoted to the problem of performativity in the cultures of the South Slavic countries. We understand it as any kind of artistic activities and social life practices having subversive potential and contestative energy.

Therefore we are interested in various activities leading to the transformation of social, institutional, and political structures. We would like to dedicate particular attention to the processes of formation or self-formation of various communities of a political nature by means of performative practices.

As performativity is usually associated with an individual act, we would like to bring for reflection the collective forms of agency and social practices of resistance. Most frequently mentioned are the years, andstill emotionally charged due to their importance in the 20th century history of the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia.

Although zala is difficult to say whether the history of Czechs and Slovaks really contains a unique number of such breakthrough moments, the histories of other Slavic nations also resonate with “eights” affecting their cultural or political situation to this day.

Anton Chekhov (1860–1904)

The date of the planned publication of the next issue of “Adeptus” — December — prompts us to look at these events from today’s perspective and to extend this concept of Czech historiography to the entire Slavic area.


The year is not only the th anniversary of the creation of independent Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but also other almost equally round anniversaries: It is also the anniversary of the coronation of Ferdinand I as the tsar of Bulgaria, the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Austria-Hungary, the assassination of Empress Elizabeth, and finally the revolutionary yearto name just a few events shaping the face of the Slavic region and Europe.

We encourage authors to send articles about the subject of the dates ending with “eights” in the history of one or czecuow Slavic nations.

We invite for historical papers on specific events as well as studies adopting cultural and anthropological approaches, addressing the subject of historical memory, the impact of history on the contemporary identity of the Slavs and the politics of remembrance.

We welcome articles in Polish and English. Name of the institution: Post-doc Link to the institution’s website: Fluent knowledge of German, Polish, and English 3.

Experience in organizational work. Tasks formulated in accordance with the description of the project entitled Language across generations: Type of the National Science Centre’s call: January 31, February Document submission in person or by email.

The post-doc will be employed as part of a research team conducting a project entitled Language across generations: We offer an opportunity to work in an international research team, participate in international conferences, and publish research results.

Applications including an academic CV with a publication list, a certified copy of the document confirming the Ph. Bartoszewicza Street, Warsaw, Polandsent by mail, or sent electronically to sekretariat ispan.

The person employed will be required to submit a declaration stating that the ISS PAS is their primary place of employment and that they agree to be included in the number of persons employed in the ISS PAS taken into account in applications for funds to maintain research capacity.

This applies also to employers located outside of the Republic of Poland. The award reflects our commitment to continuously improve our human resources policies in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, in particular our commitment to achieve fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures.

HR Charter and the Code http: Wniosek o przeprowadzenie przewodu habilitacyjnego. Contact Site map Home. Structuring the Social in the East and the Mediterranean When we seek an answer to the fundamental question: