Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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There are also complaints about the game’s players, who have a reputation for both being especially grognardy and for arrogance, which stems at least partially from the conceited, know-it-all tone of the game’s viewpoint characters. Fortunately, he’s not an evil berk, and mostly just sits there contemplating how to fulfill his pantheon’s destined role for him as the annihilator who cleanses the universe and leaves behind a blank slate for it to be remade.


Weakness is an excuse Members Alignment: You will also find life that approximates Prime Material plants and animals, although Elemental Plane natives will be quick to point out that Prime Material animals are mixed copies of their purer flora and fauna. There is an infinite number of orbs which are like little planets in this plane. Finally, there are a vast number of powers – mostly neutral, but also of other alignments – who have placed their divine realms in the Outlands, and the great thing about the Outlands is that it’s conveniently close to everywhere: Priests cannot have the Healing or Creation spheres.

The rest I think we can planewcape with the help of some old Planescape sourcebooks. Some say there’re exactly six-hundred-sixty-six, but that’s both applying the orderly logic of math to the fundamentally chaotic and unprovable, and completely theoretical anyway since nothing’s ever gotten past three-hundred or so.

Still in Sigil, still run the Great Gymnasium. The Clockwork Universe is comprised of immense gears some of which are miles in diametereach revolving in tandem with the cogs that connect to them. Ye got da basics o’ da’ d&f, but yer a clueless yet, an outsider even. The Plane of Shadow is pretty much a dark and distorted mirror of the Prime Material plane.


The Planes are governed by laws. Sigil has a number of factions running around, each believes it holds the absolute truth of the Palnescape and that they should run it. Originally Posted by Jackgar.

Could we please stop these stupid LoP arguments? Any meaning in life has to come from within. Mortals also dwell on the Outer Planes; their alignment generally matches the plane they are on, for fairly obvious reasons from “this place is unpleasant to anyone who doesn’t share the same mentality” to “the planes tend to brainwash people into thinking their way”.

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The first principle, the Rule-of-Three, says simply that things tend to happen in threes. Plus the landmarks are not always consistent. Left Sigil and took up diplomacy in Arcadia. Are there bonuses to offset this that we have not yet discovered, or should we be houseruling?

Each gate-town is tied to one of the other Outer Planes, and each contains a permanently open portal to that plane somewhere inside. Home of the Slaadi, who rule the plane insomuch that one can rule a mess of pure anarchy. All times are GMT This also holds true for each of the Paraelemental planes.

The stats for races and monsters work well, though a few of the feats are, well, questionable. Originally Posted by krupintupple.


The final layer is nothing but a series of air-pockets inside the endless rock. The souls of those who worship these powers reform in their powers’ realm upon death. The only life witnessed as native to these planes are the Xag-Ya and Xeg-Yi, which appear as balls of supernaturally hot or cold plasma.


The Outlands are also home to the gate-towns. Secondly, the Factions themselves have often come under fire. Between the gate-towns and the Spire are nine rings the Outlands’ version of planar layers.

The fact that dispeling poanescape banishing a magic item to it’s “native” plane could be scary enough – not to mention the player characters themselves. Is there any book or pdf for the Planescape setting in 3. The other players all have some 3. To each his own.

Planescape – D&D Wiki

Relatively few sentient creatures live on the Beastlands, compared to the number of animals dwelling here – everything from ants and cats to dinosaurs and they’re all plqnescape creatures, meaning that they’re all innately good and pure.

The Three Glooms are desolate lands where all color is muted to shades of gray.

Darius, female human diviner Sigil Headquarters: The fact that anywhere could be the center of the multiverse in this view also implies that nowhere can be said to be the de facto true and only center. Left Sigil, have citadels at each of the Inner Planes.

Alisohn Nilesia, female tiefling wizard Sigil Headquarters: Other expansions and adventures followed, as listed below. Tides of Numenera was released in February He also felt that Sigil came about because it was natural, because the planes needed a crossroads, and that the campaign needs a center which could be both a place for adventure and a place to hide, where characters could get to and from it quickly.

Is the plane the players on extremely cold? Friday, 9th May, We all liked her so much that she became our planesacpe. Erin Montgomery, female human priest Sigil Headquarters: The point of life is to ascend to godhood and then to some mysterious beyond.

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