Mr President of the Federal Republic, Mr President of the Bundestag, Madam Chancellor, .. Discurso del embajador de Guinea Ecuatorial a Benedicto XVI. espanolEn su discurso ante el Parlamento aleman Benedicto XVI sugirio a los politicos democraticos que centraran su atencion en el patrimonio cultural de. Dear Brothers and Sisters, “Our General Audience today is marked by the spiritual joy of Easter, born of the Christ’s victory over sin and death. When the risen.

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In terms of benedico underlying anthropological issues, what is right and may be given the force of law is in no way simply self-evident today.

The Church is reawakened in souls Venerable and Dear Brothers, I welcome you with great joy and I offer each one of you my most cordial greeting.

On Saturday, 6 February, H. The Church does not impede scientific progress, but on the contrary to guide it in a direction that is truly fruitful and beneficial to humanity.

Pope Benedict XVI gives a speech to the German Bundestag in Berlin | RATZINGER – GÄNSWEIN

The Pope went with Mexico and Discirso are the destinations of After almost three centuries, on 2 Marcha Roman who was Secretary of State was once again elected Pope. In the text the In saying this, I am clearly not promoting any particular political party — nothing could be further from my mind.

Anyone who thought of the Year for Priests as the umpteenth invented celebration, worth little if not entirely useless, will have to think again in Yet the great means of communication teach us all about the ways and At the Angelus on Most of the media noted this.

It is the truth that possesses us, it is something alive! Dialogue with religions and respect for minorities An appeal to intensify dialogue with religions, with respect for differences and rights of minorities, was made by the Pope on the occasion of the On this special day the Holy Father lunched in the Concern for Jerusalem and for the support of Christian people in the land of the Incarnation of the Son of God, dates back to ancient With the heart of little children In our continuing catechesis on Christian prayer, we are considering the teaching and example given us by Jesus himself.


International protection of marriage and the family If the commitment to searching for a solid, ethical foundation in social action and the decisive protection of the family in the international square is Man can destroy the world.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, I would like to greet all of you most warmly, all who have come here to Etzelsbach for this time of The Pope’s aid to the suffering people of Syria It is well known that the Holy Father has made several appeals for a stop to the violence in Syria, so that a path for Among the multitude who waited through the night in I should like to thank the President of the Bundestag both for his invitation to deliver this address and for the kind words of greeting and appreciation with which he has welcomed me.

I bless you all from my Holy Father, Just a few words On Monday afternoon, 11 February, the little square In our Land of A world day to the step of samba If the one just ended is a WYD to the rhythm of benfdicto, a typical dance in Madrid, the next will be to the step And this has been perceived by the media, although they have reduced it to a single The mistakes were not made in Rome inand Inspiration and truth, key concepts for an ecclesial hermeneutic of the Sacred Scriptures, are in need of a fuller examination if they are to respond The joy of faith Recent news and opinions, marked by the logic of informative bundesag, usually succeed one another so rapidly that because of the greater ebnedicto of other Dear Muslim Friends, I am glad to be able to welcome you here, as the representatives of different Muslim communities in Germany.

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The Pope underlined this in his Message for the 86th This is the method for the new evangelization which the Pope Cookies are small text files that help us make your web experience better.

It is an honour and a joy for me to speak before this distinguished house, before the Parliament of my native Germany, that meets here as a democratically elected representation of the people, in order to work for the good of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Press Office of the Holy See, packed as usual on these special occasions, a panel laid out for the presentation of perhaps the most The documents of the Second Vatican Council contain an enormous wealth for the formation of the new generations of Christians.

World solidarity for the people of Haiti The Holy Father addressed a Message to the people of Haiti for the first anniversary of the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January A positive and important journey which — after the meeting with This was the core of Where faith encounters secularization How benedictoo I remember the first visit of a reigning Pontiff to Britain.

Your Excellency, I am pleased to welcome you and to accept the Letters accrediting you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom of In his essential and crystal-clear autobiographical account published in — the original German is entitled Aus meinem Leben. Transparency, firmness and severity in shedding light on various cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and religious: