DisplayNote is an interactive tool that allows participants in a meeting or students in a classroom to share and view documents and notes on the screens of all. DisplayNote, NEC Edition, is the latest interactive whiteboard tablet solution, which combines advanced collaboration tools with the market leading utilities. DisplayNote NEC Edition transforms lessons and presentations for classrooms and meeting rooms. Presenters can take control of their desktop display using the .

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Joining the session is easy. Your free licence enables teachers to wirelessly share their screen to 4 connected student devices.

DisplayNote enables the teacher to teach toggling textbooks displayed on the large display or projected on the large screen page by page. Collaborate and annotate on ideas in real-time.

All you need for a more collaborative classroom. DisplayNote is an interactive tool displahnote allows participants in a meeting or students in a classroom to share and view documents displaynte notes on the screens of all participating PCs or tablets. This is a great app to use in a group setting as everyone can share information and ideas instantly. Your audience simply open the free appenter their name secure session ID, and they can see your content.

While holding a meeting, the cisplaynote can project data saved on the host PC using the large screen display or the projector’s screen. Control your PC from anywhere in the room. With the tap of a button, they can capture your screen, add their own notes, and save everything for review at a later time. Activate your licence Downloads.


What is DisplayNote? : DisplayNote® NEC Edition | NEC Display Solutions

Screen mirroring Presenters and participants can use AirPlay to wirelessly cast native content from an iOS device up to the main display. Works across any network. You can also launch your email software and then send an image of the screen to someone who is not attending the meeting. On the host PC screen, you can also display the projector’s remote control and use it to control the projector. Downloads Features Try for free Activate your licence. The teacher is able to select a PC or tablet of students to display their screen on the host PC’s large screen.

Anyone connected to your session can share their screen, annotations and images with you or with each other, making lessons interactive for teachers and students. Participants can capture content and personalise it by adding annotations and post-its, and save to their device. This was by far dusplaynote of the easiest products in this genre to use and didn’t require special hardware to be installed. All participants can write on the same screen, or individual screens can be projected on the host’s PC screen; you can also send displanote messages to individual participants.

Home Solutions Wireless presentation for meeting rooms and huddle spaces. DisplayNote can be launched on different devices allowing the user eisplaynote participate in meetings or lessons and view the same screen as everyone else.

DisplayNote NEC Edition

Two-way collaboration Participants can send annotations and images to the main screen and other connected devices. Collaboration software for displaynoet based learning. It lets you pose questions to the audience, send private messages, and select who can collaborate and contribute to your presentation. DisplayNote also allows underlining or circling on screen to present key points more visually.


Take the effort out of content distribution. Work with us Become a partner of DisplayNote today.

DisplayNote® NEC Edition | NEC Display Solutions

Resources Our most popular blogs, ebooks and webinars. Wirelessly broadcast your screen to all connected devices. The teacher can also send messages to selected students he wish to send to.

Top of this page. Students can actively participate in lessons on a sharing basis. Works with any device. I now engage more with my iPad and interactive board, making my lessons more interactive and engaging for students. Wirelessly share your screen to a meeting room display. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Voting Gauge levels of understanding by posing questions and getting live responses.

Presenters and participants can use AirPlay to wirelessly cast native content from an iOS device up to the main display. Multisite collaboration software for interactive touchscreens.

Participants can write on their own PCs or tablets, or take notes, and then save the data for later use.