Get this from a library! Diversion planning: or how to navigate around the world using just a stopwatch and a pencil!. [Martyn Smith]. [Archive] PPL Diversions Private Flying. Alternatively, buy a copy of Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith for £ It solved everything for me. Diversion Planning or how to Navigate around the World using just a stopwatch and pencil. Smith, Martyn. Published by Published by the author, Price.

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The error will be greater at lower speeds, but is quite acceptable as the SCA tecnnique assists pilots in reducing track error to a point from which readily indentifiable pre-planned visual fixes can be observed and over flown. Assuming it is just an isolated area of bad diversin than pick a nice obvious point to one side or the other, head for that and then when overhead turn back the same number of degrees and adjust track as required based on what you see ground to map and the GPS track guidance.

There is one solid gold tip. If shipping was not visible then would do a back to Dungeness.

Thanks for fixing it Our pleasure! I honestly can’t understand why I didn’t think of that.

I was taught to mark the map with the desired track, if I’m about three degrees left of track after ten minutes add six deg to heading for ten minutes, then take three off for the rest of the leg.


This makes me think that there is quite a bit of wishful thinking out there, regarding the professed ability to return to traditional methods in the event of electronic failure.

Diversion Planning by Martyn Smith

This track correction method was taught to me by my instructor. If Yes than follow it. Ask for a vector! When lost dial up Time between two intervals – let’s say that took 3 minutes, there are 6 more – well that’ll be 1. I am trying to find information on what to do when lost, and what i should be doing in regards to making a divert. The closer we got the more forlorn the hope of landing at Baltimore, as the Smth was deteriorating In my diversions it goes something like this: Lastly, we have an adage in GASCo which is a very useful when it comes to pre-flight planning:.

One day I was flying in rather poor weather. I think it truly makes the point that until you can pilot the simple aeroplane safely, don’t put your trust in gadgets!

The Trouble with Pre-Flight Planning – NATS Blog

If the Wind is behind you, or in front of you the Component equals the Wind Speed. To draw a line on the chart, put your pencil at one end of the line, lookout, look back in at the point you want to draw to and looking at that point draw dversion line – might not be perfect, but close enough and takes no time at all.


In the context of looking out, looking in, looking out Problem was meanwhile the weather had come down along the route.

Then use it as a fraction e. None were a big deal nav wise, just pointed approximately at the destination airport using the Mk 1 eyeball.

Airspace Information Consultancy Defence Engineering. This worked for me during the PPL. That’s all you need to know.

Under A ircraft, I will check that there are sufficient hours available for the flight, the documentation is in order and the correct amount of fuel for the flight is in the tanks the quantity will be physically checked during the pre-flight checks.

Practical Navigation by Martyn Smith

Pre-flight planning also helps TRy and get a copy of Martyn Smith’s booklet ” Diversion planning” or ” How to navigate around the World using just a stop watch and Pencil” Simplly explained easy way of doing the onboard planning etc try The easy solution, of course, is not to get lost.

Our 3Di metric is an entirely new way of measuring environmental performance. You then work out the drift to apply using your CRP-1 calculator, as well as groundspeed, for each point. Thu Jun 30,