Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM Series: 33 customer reviews on Australia’s largest opinion site out of 5 stars for Fuji Xerox DocuPrint. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMb Colour Multifunction Printer. Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMb. 20 Jul This affordable entry-level multifunction printer is loaded with advanced technology only found in large and .

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Was this review helpful? Should read gm matte photo paper. Dazzler87 posted on Mar 07, Ida asked on Aug 06, Petervan4 asked on Jun 26, I’ve had all sorts of problems since using windows Mostly it doesn’t want to recognise that the printer is there.

My docuptint worked fine til windows 10 but unless you want to buy a newer model, these tricks should get you out of trouble. Allan K replied on Apr 17, Write a review Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

I’ve never had any problems with it and I’ve had it for about 3. It was easy to set up for both my Mac desktop and my PC laptop. I am really disappointed that Fuji have decided not to write new drivers so that it will work with the new Mac OSX update. Write a review on ProductReview. CMB Died too quickly.

I owned this printer for 2 years, the roller died on me at around 2 year mark. Almost the cost of the printer itself!

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMb –

I felt cheated by Fuji, it’s one of those Planned Obsolescent scheme to get you to buy new printer every 2 years! At any rate I can’t recommend this printer to anyone. CMB I really like mine, had no problems in 18 months. Surprised by the negative reviews.

I just connected mine by USB which avoids some of the problems mentioned by others. It is not a wireless model I use a canon inkjet for wireless printing It works well with generic cartridges which I got from a large online supplier.

A whole set of 4 for the cost of only one genuine cartridge! Print quality is great and it is reasonably quick for a cheap colour laser. It will even print more than acceptable photos on 10gm matte photo paper which is relatively cheap Haven’t had one incidence of jamming touch wood It doesn’t get a lot of work because we have an old HP we use for faxing plus the Wi-Fi Canon for wireless printing from our laptops and for the odd 6×4 photo etc.


I know this model is discontinued, but would consider another Fuji Xerox when it dies. CMB Worst printer owned. In the almost 12 months I’ve owned it, only been able it print 47 pages and each one was a mission.

Doesn’t connect to computers, usb reader doesn’t support a bunch of standard ck205b and just beeps constantly. I bought this to print large volumes in colour and in that regard, is a complete failure.

Next time with stick with Brother. CMB I like it. Scanner is goodvery easy to use. Printer is unusual in that the colour catridges work better if you remove the chip.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CMb Colour Multifunction Printer, Fuji Xerox Printers

This does not effect its ability to monitor the ink levels. I have used generic cartridges with no problems.

Clean and very easy to install best ever actually Very easy to set up and comes on line in seconds, works well over the network Windows 7 The only con. No problems with this printer. Printed text and colour photos are all good. The only downside for a home user is the cost of replacing the 4 toner cartridges. Having owned this for 8 months and am happy with the quality and speed of print and reliability of the printer.

I am only just reaching the point of having to replace one of the stock toners and have found a large variation in prices, so shop around! The scanning capability was an added bonus, but has come in handy mainly for the ability to quickly copy a document independent of the PC. Scanning works but does not compress the documents as much as I would like so I continue to use my scanner for keeping copies of receipts for archiving.


I have not seriously considered this device for scanning quality prints, etc – preferring to use a dedicated scanner for this function. Then again, that wasn’t one of my criteria. Unfortunately this printer can’t be run off my Synology NAS – but again, this printer was not on their compatibility list so I can’t complain the printer came before the NAS. Great, simple to use colour and black and white printer. Print quality is above average, and speed is fine for a home printer.

The scanning side of things is a little clunky, and took some getting used to, but it gets the job done. Easy to source replacement toner at reasonable prices – from ebay or http: This printer is one of the most frustrating printers by far. If you are serious about bringing one home, I guess find another one or buy another brand. This printer is cheap and unreliable, so unless your work is not important, maybe this could be your answer, however if you plan to get one that saves you time and effort, I guess choosing another is your answer.

This printer has many potential faults during printing from USB or computer as it often JAMS like crazy or sometimes refuses to print for you just because of the paper size sensitivity.

However the scanner works and photocopies decently, the paper would start jamming anything over 1 page. Therefore, do not be a fool and listen, this is a filthy printer which has heaps of potential faults, and Fuji Xerox fails to resolve.

DocuPrint CM205 b Drivers & Downloads

I suggest going for HP or Cannon. CMB I have replaced the black ink cartridge, and I keep getting an error: CMB Can I print double sided? The printer is probably the same age as windows 8, so I am at loss why it wouldn’t work in windows Any help is very welcome.

Brand Manager for Fuji Xerox?