Katalog Druckfedern. Artikelnummer. A u ß e n d u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) D ra h td u rc h m e s s e r (m m.) F re ie. L ä n g e. (m m.) F e d e rra. Sehen Sie den gesamten Katalog normierte Federn Katalog der Firma KERN- LIEBERS TMG auf DirectIndustry. Seite: 1/ Right now, you are in our. PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION division. Here you can experience everything about EIBACH. Performance Springs · Performance.

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Hook-shaped undercuts on the base allow for better retention than with a mesh base. Easy to handle, reasonably priced and no lab costs. Seite page M M T A A A A M M M S 8. Besonders in kli- nischen Situationen mit starker vertikaler Bogenauslenkung, wie z. All our brackets are of course available in both of these systems. Mit ihm kann beispielsweise die Frosch-Apparatur schneller und einfacher als bisher im Mund befestigt werden. Thanks to pre-tensioning, Instant tension springs supply consistent forces up to the end of the working zone.

Collar style opening instrument, double sided. This moment can help in correcting edge to edge class II to class I molar relationship.

Also available on pad! Management of Open Bite Malocclusion. The long axis scribe line allows a better placement along the clinical crown.

Your band assortment is going to be reduced! Its size eases the handling of the bracket for druckfedeern clinician and gives excellent control for teeth movements. Four-wall slot is designed with a particularly low profile to precisely guide archwires with a height of. Reduce your storage costs and chair side time by using Forestadent bondable pads!


Pal stands for palatal, as the pin was developed specifically for the anchorage of orthodontic appliances in the palate.

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The snap function prevents unwanted reversing. Cement remover and prosthesis cleaner. So kann ein weiteres Kraftsystem aufge- baut werden, um z. Big Foot pad Big Foot pads are made of extra thin material which makes them extra light and easy to adapt to the tooth surface of the molars. As a result of smaller occlusal wings, the risk of contact with antagonizing teeth is reduced.

Body made of translucent ceramic with rounded edges for excellent intraoral comfort. The appliance is easily activated from the anterior by simply turning the screw clockwise. Please always refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. Mandibular bow type expansion screw Special screw for transversal and sagittal expansion of anterior mandibular arch.

Special notches on each side of the pad make removing easy and safe. It should be remembered that during distal movement the molar could rotate in a palatal direction. Our supply chain reaches over 80 countries worldwide and on all continents. It has been dimensioned espe- cially large to allow quick and easy insertion of the arch- wires. Shark like cuts make a new pitch at every single winding step. Es wird eine intrusive Kraft von g auf die Incisivi appliziert.

Interdiction de reproduire ce catalogue — ou des extraits — sans notre autorisa tion expresse. Skeletal sector screws can also be used as distal screws with unilateral spindle. QuicKlear only to be used from vestibular! Even the spring is easily removed and adjusted. This cleaning concentrate is ideal for the in- tensive cleaning of removable appliances.


You achieve true perfection once you are well-versed in your craft. Many of our buccal tubes are available with immediate effect in the “Comfort Line” design. These Archwires ensure gentle forces and quick treatment due to their extremely low force level. Near constant clinical forces are main- tained for a longer period which results in faster tooth movement with less archwire changes.

The origin is clear: If overactivated the Snap Lock Expander can be turned back. Early use of large dimension rectangular wires is often not possible due to their stiffness. Nackenpolster, Zug- band, Kupplungsknopf und -feder, Facebow Set consisting of: Right Left 1.

Distalizing spring, stops auto matic ally occur when cut. The smart design of the 3D-base provides optimal bonding strength whilst maintaining safe and comfortable debonding. Minimal friction — active control during treatment. According- ly, an additional force system can be set up, for example to enable use of an overlay archwire or for indirect anchoring strategies that use mini screws. William Clark is one of the most popular functional appliances for Class II, division 1 malocclusion treatment.

Sophisticated design All Sprint brackets have druckfwdern anatomically curved base.

Every time a step ahead

Diese Brackets stellen eine lohnende Erweiterung des Praxisangebots mit nur geringen Anfangsinvestitionen dar. Flexible system for mesialization, intrusion or extrusion of molars. Das spezielle Pauls-Tool macht es einfach.