One of the most unique devices of , the ASUS Eee Note EA is an 8-inch shade grayscale slate that’s designed to focus squarely on. Hi All, I think the title speaks for itself. I am searching everywhere for the Asus Eee Note EA after it was recommended to me yesterday on. The Asus Eee Note isn’t a tablet replacement and it lacks some fancier features. However, what it does, it does well and it is priced.

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The real benefit of having Internet connectivity would be to store your notes online, not view a few web pages in black and white. Aside from Notes, Camera, and Voice Memos, there are a few other apps that weren’t impressive. The EA has a picture quality of around 2 Mega Pixels and looks tremendous when you are taking pictures.

You can then save your notes directly to the Micro SD card or your devices internal memory. Just forget about finger input, because the Eee Note doesn’t support it. Bubble Breaker and Sudoku are two casual games. They might loose the European market as well. Calibration is not an easy task and causes poor accurate writing. You can look at it as a portable Wacom tablet, where what you draw on the screen appears on your PC. Log in or Sign up.

The pallete button allows you to choose between three shades of gray. Discussion in ‘ Asus Android ‘ started by AmyFeb 13, I have contacts in the south of Taiwan that were unable to find it in Tainan, nor Pingtung not sure if they looked in Kaoshiung.


There are no less than 42 templates available ranging from college ruled paper, to advanced options such as pie charts and various calendars.

I haven’t used it long enough to judge eye strain. Asus has released images of its up-coming DR eReader device, and it’s looking gorgeous – although the ‘in-the-wild’ shots appear to be of a non-functional prototype. Where Should Surface Go Next? I do better when things are all inside azus device and I cannot seem to find anything like this!

This is not the type of device that does landscape and portrait mode assu the fly, like many other tablets and e-readers. However, we wish there were translation dictionaries for language-learners. He has been writing about audiobooks and e-readers for the past ten years. Another option is Snapshot for taking screen shots.

I have tried to use my EA in the year for my lectures. I hope its not forbidden to post this.

Asus Eee Note

Just try it http: Wa800 books will then appear on the library. Could you ask asus when the english worldwide release is coming and what its going to cost? The two usage scenarios I had in mind when buing this was: Asus do not seem to be interested in other markets than the Asian market. Amazon could release a KindlePhone next year, presumably based on Kindle Fire tech.

ASUS Eee Note EA 4GB, Wi-Fi, 8in – Black | eBay

I have high hopes that it will be good in the note taking department. The device is really nice, but it lacks speed. All the notes are saved ea8000 a custom format that can contain up to 20 pages per note. The left and right arrows are for undo and redo.


More items related to this product. December 31st, at At first it was supposed to be in the first quarter of ex800, then May and now June. We did experiment with the device and found that it very easily loads ePub and PDF books.

It’s a nice product, not perfect but useful.

Review of the Asus EEE Note EA Tablet PC

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Hello, I am also looking for one. It’s aimed quite squarely at business folk, writers and students, to the extent that, if you aren’t one of the above, you may as well stop reading.

It features 64 levels of grayscale on the capacitive touch screen and has a DPI rate of I also hate the touch controls at the bottom also hated them on the irex drs I would recommend this device to students the most, as you would get the most out of it, xsus being distracted by Android or Apple devices that have asuw ton of applications and games.

Which Fire tablet should you buy?