Ectima Contagioso Agente Etiologico Patogenia Es un Virus de la familia infecto contagiosa que afecta principalment a ovinos y caprinos. Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. No description Transcript of Ectima contagioso en ovinos y caprinos. GOAL! Full transcript. Ectima contagioso. JV Epidemiologia. -Dermatitis pustular contagiosa. – Estomatitis pustular contagiosa -Viruela ovina. -Foliculitis por.

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A real time PCR assay for ectimx detection and quantification of orf virus. Support Center Support Center. Goats were raised in a mixed management system range pastures and shaded pens.

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This study indicates that in period October — Marchin two flocks located in Braila and Giurgiu counties, contagious ecthyma has been a proportion of 2. The lesions inside of the mouth were observed in only one kid, classified as generalized contagious ecthyma.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. The economical losses are due to the decreased of dairy ecctima production, and lower growth and ovino in young goats [4].

In this study two goat flocks with animals 84 kits were clinically evaluated to identify and characterize contagious ecthyma lesions, in the period October — March Acknowledgements We thank MSc. EK was the leader of the project. Sounders, London, New York, Oxford. Contagious ecthyma foot lesions in young goat. All goats were not vaccinated against orf infection.


Implications on the emergence of zoonotic orthopoxviruses. Clinical and epidemiological study. Detection and diagnosis of parapoxvirus by the polymerase chain reaction. Small Ruminant Info Sheet. These results show that contagious ecthyma is endemic in Northeastern Brazil and therefore systematic vaccination of the flocks is necessary to control the disease. Molecular characterization of Brazilian isolates of orf virus.


In Romania, close to Bucharest, Paul Riegler identified in a similar disease in sheep and goat herds [14]. Most vulnerable year periods are seasons with extreme temperatures late summer and winterwhen contagkoso immune system of the animals can be affected by sudden changes of temperature [2, 9, 13]. Water and scabs collected from bovine vaccinia lesions were used as negative controls.

In this case, the virus was identified by electron microscopy of a skin biopsy. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Please review our privacy policy. Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin. However, these data suggest that the introduction of new ORFV strains into Brazil may occur through the import of animals in order to improve herd genetics.

All of the ovinps and control samples were screened for orthopoxviruses OPV using PCR and virus growth factor -specific primers [ 17 ]. In other clinical studies, foot lesions have been described as the most common location observed due to overlapping injuries and co-infection e. Location of lesions observed in twelve clinical cases of contagious ecthyma in two goat flocks with animals, located in Braila and Giurgiu counties.

File:Ectima contagioso ovino.jpg

De la Concha-Bermejillo, A. None of the affected flocks had been vaccinated. Macules fast moving up to the state of the crust over a period of weeks vesicle, with mm diameter, passes the pimple in about 2 days [9, 11, 13]. The lesions were ulcerative, red-brown an d swollen. New molecular diagnostic tests have been developed and used in association with traditional clinical approaches [ 141819 ].


Kid with severe, hard and dry proliferative. Therefore, epidemiological surveillance can reduce ORFV outbreaks. In sheep lesions were associated with ear tagging [1].

Usually, contagious ecthyma would be estimated to last between four to six weeks and recovery occurring without treatment. Contagious ecthyma is a zoonosis, and the human disease consists of acute skin lesions, malaise and lymphadenopathy [ 45 ].

In the end of the 19th century, for first time, in Germany is described contagious ecthyma in small ruminants [2, 13]. An increasing number of ORFV outbreaks have occurred worldwide in the last several years [ 7 – 11 ].

Polymerase chain reaction for laboratory diagnosis of orf virus infections.

Case presentation an outbreak of ovine contagious ecthyma in Midwest Brazil was investigated. Characterization of parapoxviruses circulating among wild Japanese serows Capricornis crispus Microbiol Immunol. Characterization of a North American orf virus isolated from a goat with persistent, proliferative dermatitis. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The lesions have been on the soft skin areas or crossing of mucous membranes and skin lips, commissural, on the wings of the nose.

The hair was sintered, wet, and it falls off with cutaneous layers fig.