Nicolai Lilin, pseudonimo de Nicolaj Veržbickij (en ruso: Николай Вержбицкий; Bender, 12 de En su novela, Educación siberiana (Einaudi, abril de ), cuenta el El libro ha tenido una transposición cinematográfica bajo la dirección de . Educazione Siberiana (); ↑ DMAX: dal 2 febbraio Nicolai Lilin ci spiega. Watch video a drama based on a memoir about growing up as a member of the urka community in the small republic of transnistria. He was born and grew up in . Buy Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low A metà libro viene voglia di abbandonare la lettura. La lingua è.

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Un libro bellissimo che esplora, con gli occhi di un ragazzo siberiano che cresce e matura,le leggi che regolano la malavita russa, i suoi rapporti interni e con lo Stato con pagine crude e sincere, piene di violenza ma anche di buoni sentimenti.

Siberian education is the true story of Nicolai Lilin growing up in a place where the only way to survive is to be a criminal, Transnistria. This book did an extremely good job of providing insight into a life that many can not fathom.

Educazione siberiana

A postcard from a seriously exotic outpost of the world. Et indblik i en ukendt verden.

Un libro scritto in maniera diretta, cruda sull’educazione siberiana. Interesante, impactante, contradictorio no por que se contradiga, sino porque son los sentimientos que me generacruel, duro, realista, ilustrativo.

In he published in Italy for Einaudi “Siberian education”, his first novel, written directly in Italian.


Exotic, brutal and frankly bizarre, it’s a tale of an old culture with all its values and mores that seem to derive from another siberjana. And the strange rules of the community meant that only the juveniles could go about seeking out the perpetrators and seeking justice, because they equated to the same age of the victim.

Nicolai Lilin – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The money is really only spent on every day living, guns and religious icons. The Siberian urkas ancient and criminalised tradition’s are on a clash with the ever shrinking modern world. That eeucazione adsorbed me at some points! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

For many readers, it will be easy to make comparisons to organized crime cultures like that of the Educazioone, but this would be a very superficial reading of this book.

Le regole, l’etica, la struttura sociale; a prescindere dal valore della vita. I personally could not put this book down. I strongly believe that this book has got soul!

Educazione siberiana by Nicolai Lilin Goodreads Author. Transported against their will from their Siberian homeland Nicolai Lilin is all too aware his time to uphold his ethnic tradition of anti state criminality is fast siberisna. Savages, pure and antouched by the civilization. Nov 08, Claudia rated it it was amazing. Educazione siberianacaduta liberail respiro del buio pdf epub. Solo in questo modo riesco a spiegarmi come mai, dopo Protocollo Cremlino di Marek Halter uno dei miei autori preferiti e il primo che ho recensito per RBmi sia trovata tra le mani Educazione Siberiana.

I know I got this book for free, but at the risk of sounding biased I absolutely loved this book! Nicolai Lilin ha solo ventinove anni, ma ha da raccontare una vita straordinaria e un universo che non assomiglia a nessun altro: And dducazione this, his earlier memoir about his childhood, Siberian criminal culture is laid bare and knocks all Mafia tales into a cocked hat. It was just such a great pleasure to read a true book which was the first book telling about true life of our people, I had ever readevery custom here is a wonderful example of a life of a true honorable criminal, I especially loved that the author used the words we actually are using every day.


I would like to reread it, sometime, Thanks for sharing Nicolai Lilin!!

On se perd dans les noms et les histoires. I was not dissapointed I was completely enthralled from the first page of the book to the very last word. This chapter was seriously fascinating and alienating in equal counts.

Nicolai Lilin

Aug 31, Antonella rated it it was amazing. Pochi forse hanno sentito nominare la Nicolai Lilin ha solo ventinove anni, ma ha da raccontare una vita straordinaria e un universo che non assomiglia a educaazione altro: Demonised for living beyond the state borders of Eastern Europe. They despise gangsters who wear gold, instead they have their copious tattoos tell their stories for them.