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Nov 02, Alex Telander rated it liked it Shelves: This sequel was a long time in coming. Also, Maya travels oecuro Italy to learn more about access points previously thought available to only Travelers.

It has such a dark paranoid feel to it The core idea of the series is that there are oscugo beings called the Travelers who have the ability to travel to other worlds which are pretty crap, by the way and bring back the wisdom they find there. Yes, thank you, I do see the irony in posting this review on line given the message of the boo So, book 2 of the Fourth Realm Trilogy was pretty interesting.

Fourth Realm 4 books. Twelve Hawks is an entertaining writer, and I rather like the general idea oscurro his dystopian world controlled by the Vast Machine, but I think that reading this without the second book completely ruined my ability to enjoy the book to the full.

I came into this with wl will from reading the first installment. Of course, John Twelve Hawks doesn’t appear to be preaching some freaked out, simplistic “All technology is bad” sort of message. A pretty good book, not as good or interesting as the first a bit weaker, but readable. That is, all cultures have stories of prophets who have gained access to otherwise inaccessible information and used it for the good of society. Amusingly enough, throughout, we are told that Travelers bring progress and change, yet in this book, Gabriel’s entire mission is to stop the Tabula from deploying more advanced technology and to keep the advancement of science static.


Only a mystic who can cross over to the ‘light’ and bring back spiri Ugh, an interesting premise falls flat on it’s face.

This happened with Lawrence in the last book, so it shouldn’t surprise me, but it was still disappointing. By “terminate,” I am talking grinding halt–as in drop-the-transmission-in-the-middle-of-the-highway.

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You also learn a bit more about her father, Thorn, who was pretty one-dimensional in the previous book. Jun 13, Fred rated it really liked it. I can hardly wait till the 3rd. I enjoyed The Traveler, despite its cliches, but with The Dark River, Hawkw sometimes found myself embarrassed to be reading it. It’s a good to fair read. While mindful that this is the second book in a trilogy, so by definition can hardly conclude the several story arcs set in motion by the author, it nearly stops mid-sentence.

I liked the first one better. This book suffered from what I refer oscugo as Matrix Reloaded Syndrome, it’s cliffhanger is so drastic you need to get the next one.

I don’t even own a wok. And, the Holy Grail of MacGuffins, we literally have the Ark of the Covenant I really didn’t think it could be worse than the first one, but sheesh, was I wrong.

The Dark River

Certainly no one would accuse Twelve Hawks of subtlety, and given the awkward moments of exposition in The Dark Rivermaybe he was right to rely on a recap. Hardcoverpages. I’m just going to tell you not oscruo be afriad of this book it’s very easy to read and with a great story! The Dark Rip furthers the plot along, but falls short of offering up any shocking realizations or reveals, feeling more like a chapter in the great saga of the Fourth Realm series.

Then there is the Brethren, or the Tabula as they are known to Travelers, who are out to kill all the Travelers and have done so since the beginning. Dec 03, Elizabeta rated it really liked it Shelves: E’ il secondo volume di una trilogia, la storia si segue ugualmente anche non avendo letto il primo, ma non aspettatevi una fine senza leggere il terzo in uscita in inglese nel This one was very well-done, too, though: These books are a trilogy so this is alot like The Empire Strikes Back with no beginning and no end.


It will take the eagerly-awaited publication of the third book to see if I might be right. Other books in the series. The Dark River is a scintillating novel that, like The Traveleris deeply and richly drawn, showcasing a superb and original voice. What dark powers, John Twelve Hawks, are you using that I find myself hqwks up your novel, written at a sixth-grade reading level, the story a cheap rip off of The Divinci Code meets the Matrix?

At the same time they most not forget about the Tabula who are desperately looking for them, using every means necessary. Los Seis Dominios prometen dar mucho juego.

The Dark River (Fourth Realm, #2) by John Twelve Hawks

A lot of set up with Michael and Gabriel as they really develop their separate paths while discovering their powers as Travels to cross dimensions. I guess it’s easy, like in ordering-off-the-dollar-menu-at-McDonald’s easy rather than firing up the wo What is a guilty-pleasure read when it is not pleasurable? While I agree that the level of surveillance now available is terrifying, I think Twelve Hawks misses an important point: I can only assume that book three takes our hero to the heights of profit or deliverer as he gains a victory over the opposing evil our own greed.

Occasionally this book kept me involved in spite of some flaws due to the characters.

Want to Read saving…. Why didn’t I get off my ass and procure a book I would enjoy more?

Fortunately, given the clever writing, imagery, and many layers on which the six realms exist, I find great comfort in knowing that I will never really “know” for sure. In this, it’s sort of like the middle episode in the original Star Wars trilogy.