Emma Zunz On January 14, , when Emma Zunz returned home from the Nine or ten smudgy lines covered almost the entire piece of paper; Emma read. Known for creating complex stories full of irony and psychological puzzles; The short story “Emma Zunz” is based on the plot of a transcript draft. Returning home from the Tarbuch and Loewenthal textile mills on the 14th of January, , Emma Zunz discovered in the rear of the entrance.

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Her fear was lost in the grief of her body, in her disgust. Maybe in the infamous Paseo de Julio she saw herself multiplied in mirrors, revealed by lights, and undressed by hungry eyes; but it is more reasonable to conjecture that at first she strayed inadvertently towards the indifferent arcade October 16, deeblog. In April she would be nineteen years old, but men inspired in her, still, an almost pathological fear.

Emma Zunz by Jorge Luis Borges

In the patio the chained dog broke out barking, and a gush of rude blood flowed from the obscene lips and soiled emmx beard and the clothing. On the little night table was the money that the man had left: An excellent translation of Borges’ work. Loewenthal, Aaron Loewenthal, formerly the manager of the factory and now one of the owners.


He took advantage of me and I killed him.

April 22, alexia. True also was the outrage she had suffered: With intimate embarrassment, he knew himself to be less apt at earning it than at saving it. They signed in; she had to spell and repeat her name and surname and pretend to enjoy the vulgar jokes which accompanied the review.

April 5, deeblog. Ripping up money is an impiety, like throwing out bread; Emma repented as soon as she did it. The man, a Swede or Finn, did not speak Spanish.

“Emma Zunz” by Julia Skoczylas on Prezi

Things did not happen the way Emma Zunz had foreseen them. Impatience, not inquietude, and the sole relief of being on that day, at an end. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. You’re very welcome and thanks for reading! She was going to be nineteen in April, but men still inspired almost pathological terror in her After having lunch, she lay down and, eyes closed, recapitulated the englihs she had plotted.


December 3, emma.

Emma Zunz – Journal –

Then she took the phone and repeated what she would repeat so many times, with these and other words: Loewenthal, Aaron Loewenthal, previously the factory manager and now one of the owners. This site uses cookies. February 3, deeblog. January 8, Daniela.

Emma Zunz by Jacqueline Tris

The seal and the envelope fooled her at first; then she became discomfited by the unknown handwriting. October 16, katie. At what time apart from this time, in what perplexing disorder of unconnected and atrocious sensations did Emma think but once of the death that motivated her englisb March 18, Cesar.

I’ve been so confused in class, but now I get it.

May 27, happy happy. Thanks so much for the translation! And thank you, Happy, for your nice comments! May 27, deeblog.

She violates herself by prostituting herself to someone she did not know. She no longer had to plot and imagine: