Gerald Finzi. Bagatelles (5) for clarinet & piano, Op. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Parts/Movements ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. : Five Bagatelles, Op. Clarinet in B-flat and Piano with online audio of performance and (): Gerald Finzi: Books. A staple of standard clarinet literature, this suite appears on various state high school contest solo repertory lists. Contents: I. Prelude · II. Romance · III. Carol · IV.

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In ABA form, the melody is fairly simple and motivic in nature. I played the violin for seven years and the flute for 4 years. I might have since he did right some violin pieces. Rhythmically, it is not difficult, but rethinking the lines because of where they lie in the meter becomes necessary; this, along with the key explorations, is why the music is so interesting.

The Carol is the easiest movement of the Five Bagatellesthough batatelles still has an interesting meter: Retrieved 3 May Off to concert Db major again and back off on the happy fugue in the upper clarion register. Interlude View record and artist details Record and Artist Details. It is important that vagatelles sixteenth notes just after Rehearsal 4 remain relaxed and steady, observing all the dynamics—it is easy to rush them and allow them to sound frantic.

Britten, Mathias, Finzi, Cooke. Had the tempo been a bit slower, Finzi might have held to his original title for this piece, Berceuse. He also explores plenty of key signatures and meters. He died soon afterwards, aged 55, in the Radcliffe InfirmaryOxford, the first performance of his Cello Concerto on the radio having been given the night before.


He was an amazing British composer. British Flute Music, Volume 3. The final bagatelle, Fughetta, is vigorous and witty, if not a textbook model of counterpoint.


Of Finzi’s few chamber works, only the Five Bagatelles for clarinet and piano have survived in the regular repertoire. Click on a grade to view the full syllabus. There also exists a later arrangement for clarinet and string orchestra by Lawrence Ashmore.

The Essential Emma Johnson. First comes a Prelude with an exuberant initial section, repeated at the end, interrupted by a more restrained middle section that builds to a dark climax. baggatelles

FINZI Five Bagatelles. Diabelleries. Interlude

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. Then a sort of mini-development of the initial phrases occurs before the movement ends gently and softly, fading into nothing.

There would be no reason to alternate the count, as the double time signature seems to bagatel,es I believe that the meter is given in two interpretations.

He also amassed a large library of some volumes of English poetry, philosophy and literature, now kept at the University of Reading and a collection some volumes including books, manuscripts and printed scores of 18th-century English music, now kept at the University of St Andrews.

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For example, the line initially begins bagstelles count 1, but later he places the same line on count 3, and later in a different meter! English Music for Clarinet. There are new rhythmic ideas, mainly in the use of triplets and syncopation. On the Winds of English Melody.

There are no boring moments in his writing and he apparently enjoyed playing with his ideas. You may find that the melodies in the slower movements of the Five Bagatelles lend themselves well to singing. Sexy Trippy All Moods. The B section is approached with a ritardando moltofollowed bagatwlles a baggatelles of both the key and the meter. Finzi and his wife catalogued and edited Gurney’s works for publication. List of compositions by Gerald Finzi. With his primary output being vocal and choral music, it seems to make sense that he wrote for the clarinet since the clarinet is the closest instrument to the human voice!


Music for Clarinet and Piano.

5 Bagatelles, Op (Finzi, Gerald) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Finzi was attracted to the deep-hued sound bavatelles the clarinet and demonstrated in the Bagatelles a highly effective exploitation of the instrument, its range and colour. Composition Artist Credits 5 Bagatelles. You may expect this movement to end with a bang, much as it started, but Finzi does quite the opposite.

The Fughetta Allegro vivace undoubtedly provided the lively finale that Boosey wanted. Subscribe to our email newsletters. This was never finished or given a title, but after his death his publisher gave two of the individual movements names and published them as the separate works Eclogue and Grand Fantasia and Toccata. I find that his music is never boring and that every phrase is a new adventure of sorts. Finzi became one of the most characteristically “English” composers of his generation.

Views Read Edit View history. Set of performance parts. Although Finzi is best known for his vocal music, his output also includes a piece for oboe and string quartet, bagaatelles violin concerto, a cello concerto, and two works for the clarinet.

British Clarinet Concertos, Vol. It’s a fitting conclusion to a suite of pieces that are light and charming, but not at all trivial. Gerald Raphael Finzi Composer.