FBII Alarm Systems from Fire Burglary Instruments. Info on FBI alarm systems were originally made by Fire Burglary Instruments, Inc., or FBII. Later, FBI Inc. Disarming the security system will deactivate the burglary portions of the system. This procedure amount of smoke activated fire protection system). DISARM. Atlas Security Systems, Inc. Chris Stevenson Building Contractor, Inc. an estimate for repairing my alarm system by fire burglary instrument inc: xl star

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Burtlary can do this procedure yourself, but you may find it more worthwhile to have an alarm company do it for you.

Rest assured that this compensation does not influence my recommendations.

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If you have one of these FBI systems, you may be wondering how long you can keep it running. Or, do you have plenty of skillsbut not enough time? However, I would check these offerings carefully to be sure they are new. The only other option is to replace the system with something newer, which any alarm company is, of course, happy to help you with. However, it offered several advanced features including:. Lee Russell xlstra4600 a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

If your FBII main panel fails, upgrading to a new system is your only practical option. Some of the FBI alarm keypads are available more on this below. Smaller FBI security panels in this xlxtar4600 include the Omni 6-zones, expandable to 24 zonesand the Omni 4-zones, expandable to 8.

Information on defaulting and programming can be found in the Installation Manual for your specific XL model. It has 8 hardwired zones on board, but these can be expanded to 16 zones using zone doubling. See this section on DIY home security systems. Maintenance of your system is normally taken care of by your alarm company, if you have one.


Aside from zone capabilities, the supports up to 64 user codes, 4 partitions, and 20 auxillary relays. By adding expansion equipment, the supports a maximum of 32 hardwired zones.

These commissions don’t change the price that you pay. Not sure you have the skills needed to install an alarm system yourself? This means you actually get 16 zones without buying any expansion modules or other devices. This site is supported through affiliate marketing.

Below is a listing of the most common systems, followed by some info on maintaining older FBI security systems. It performed all of the basic functions of systems that came later, and was installed in many, many homes and businesses in its day.

For more details, see burgpary full disclaimer. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. If your FBII security system is ifre keypad problemsyou may have some choices. The XL was one of the earliest in the XL-line. Being a hybrid panel, the Omni supports xlstat4600 to 48 zones using wireless expansion. Not sure if you want to fix your alarm yourself? You can find links to FBI manuals on my alarm system manual sources page.

The interesting thing about these XL systems is that even though they were smaller panels, zone-wise, they offered many features.

They can also check the battery, keypads, and contacts to make sure everything is working properly.

Find an FBI alarm keypad at Amazon. Even the more basic versions had a list of functions and programming options you might expect to find on modern panels of today. Panels in the XL-series have no easy way to recover just the master code; you have to factory default the whole panel. The Omni line picked up where the XL-series left off.


Adire brahma owners manual

The xlstad4600 hybrid panel was the XLwhich offered 4 standard wired zones, up to a maximum total of 8 zones with wireless expansion. Be aware that these keypads may not be available much longer, as the main systems they are compatible with fail over time.

Top of Page Top. Omni systems offer more zones and user codes, along with the same list of other desirable features.

FBII Alarm Systems

I only endorse products and services that I truly believe to be an honest value for you, as a visitor to my site. Using their connections with alarm dealers across the country, you can quickly get free alarm quotes from companies in your area.

It holds 6 user codes. This then requires the system to be re-programmed “from scratch”, which can get tedious. It was a simple, four-zone hardwired system with four user codes.

FBII Alarm Systems

Learn about me, how I built this site, and how you can build one of your own! If you’ve lost your master code, or you’ve “inherited” an existing system and don’t know the code, you have limited options. For help doing this, see my article on alarm system battery replacement. For brand comparison, the XL was roughly equivalent to its competition around the same time, the Napco Magnum Alert Disclosure This burglsry receives affiliate commissions from some of the companies I discuss.

If not, here is what’s involved:.

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