Title, Footsteps 2ʻ E.S.O. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington Books, ISBN, , Length, 39 pages. Export Citation. Title, Footsteps Burlington readers. Author, Simon Betterton. Publisher, Burlington books, ISBN, X, Length, 64 pages. Results 1 – 15 of 15 Footsteps by Betterton, Simon and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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When he finishes one book, he returns it to Mary for the next evening, when he comes to work, there’s a new book for him on the table.

Ok, Dad Tony and his father walked out of the door and stopped when they saw the police. He looked through the window but there isn’t anybody.

They help to activate the students background knowledge, expectations and ability to predict. Tony was one of the bank robbers. The stranger in Mary s house shouted at John.

Footsteps. by Simon Betterton – PDF

John only saw the man’s feet. After the dinner, the talked again, the footsteps were important, because tow people don’t lose their jobs for any reason. When she mentioned the headmaster, everybody looked round to see him bat he wasn’t there. John look at her mother’s address, it was near his house, he decided to walk there.


When he finished the article, he thought about the robbery bank and the man of Mary’s house, what wanted the man? The man didn t look Arlene Crawford 4 months ago Views: John was very happy. When John gets Mrs Tucker’s home, he went to the door and rang the bell but anybody opened the door. In the story, some crimes are committed.

What are you doing here?

Where does Mary live? They discover that the corridor has now got a new carpet and they can t hear footstdps echo. When he started at reads the newspaper he found an interesting article, it was about a bank robbery. The man ran past and John was safe.

Footsteps. by Simon Betterton

John knew that Mary’s surname was Tucker but ware five addresses with the same surname in the book. John listens to his footsteps. What are you doing here? He didn’t sleep because he thinks about Mary. The rest of the class have to identify which character you footsheps from the story. He pushed again a little. When John goes to the headmaster’s office and sits down, the headmaster wasn’t here, but there foosteps letter for John on the table: It was Tony, the new security guard; he ran along the corridor and attacked John.

When he opened the window the man came into the room again.

Footsteps; Simon Betterton

Anna, can you turn of the torch? Roger Clarke wanted to help his son and Alan, the bettrrton headmaster pretend to be him. Suddenly, he heard a sound. The headmaster and security guard came into the small room.


For example, Put the book in the bag. He decided hide behind the sofa. He rang the bell but nobody opened the door.

Alan Clarke, John and Mary return to work, and John is very happy. He climbs through a window and investigates.

He pushed the window and it opened. Mary continued, In one of the corridors in school, the sound of my footsteps was different. But John knew nothing about Mary.

Chapter 10 Anna woke up and heard happy voices. He didn’t sleep because he thinks about Mary.

Footsteps; Simon Betterton

John was very worried, in the evening he went to work, but when he got to school, he found another problem. John finds an found address book. Act it out in front of the class. He didn’t hear the bettrrton of Mary’s feet. He decides to write a book called Footsteps. Chapter 8 Mary was different.

John reads a lot of for not stay bored.