Book Description. The Day of the Jackal is a thriller novel, written by English writer Frederick Forsyth about a professional assassin who is contracted by the OAS. : The Day of the Jackal (): Frederick Forsyth: Books. a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Listen to The Day of the Jackal audiobook by Frederick Forsyth. Stream and download or mobile phone. Bestsellers and latest releases. try any audiobook Free!.

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Just because this old thriller was related to a favored genre of mine – the historical fiction – didn’t mean I would like outdated thrillers with no idea that hasn’t been milked by movies of various characteristics. In this shape the leaded projectile would tear through nerve and tissue, ripping, cutting, slicing, leaving fragments of itself over an area the size of a tea-saucer.

I think anyone who enjoys that kind of thing will find this story more enjoyable than I did. The plot itself is not a complicated one. But I learned one thing after reading this book, and that was that archaic books like this died intestate. The Phantom of Manhattan. To those that gave this 4 or 5 stars …I completely get it…I really do. So please indulge me as I provide a longish backstory before actually getting into my review because that is part of the fun. The beginning of a genre.


The jackal was well rounded forayth a superbly efficient professional only to be matched by an equally efficient professional police office in Claude Lebel. The result is a completely believable and engaging story.

Everyone was reading and loving this story that took just over a week to write. The ruthlessness and the zeal with which the assassin approaches what seems to be an impossible task was hte, chilling.

Overall, I thought this was a decent read, but wasn’t quite as exciting as I had expected.

The Day of the Jackal

The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. See all 8 questions about The Day of the Jackal…. Inscribed by Forsyth on the title page.

Rather Be the Devil. About this title Audio Format. Book accented in 22kt gold.

The Day of the Jackal | novel by Forsyth |

Within thirty minutes it had become Friday, August oof Click here to view or download the book. The book cover is red with greycloth and red lettering and logo. It’s a location where book-lovers can exchange stories, discuss books, buy and sell books and simply go on and on about their favorite and not so favorite books. The Man with the Golden Gun.


The Day Of the Jackal by Forsyth, Frederick

Overall, Forsyth wrote a very impressive book and I would not quibble with it being listed among the classics of the genre. The Jewel That Was Ours. The Fist of God. It’s free and yours to keep. Frederick Forsyth reveals MI6 spying past.

The Day Of the Jackal

A Berlin Family, — I’m not sure if that’s true, but I had thought ov was somehow related to him. The effect on the mercury would be to hurl the droplet forwards towards the plugged front of the bullet. The author’s landmark title which was a best seller film adaptation starring Edward Fox and Derek Jacobi.

You may also like. As the heads of various departments of state security confer nightly around a table, one can imagine similar scenes in the Paris of our times as new threats to France are faced following the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the Grenoble gas factory and the Thalys train.