This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you.

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Colors are key to any design and so is the skill how to mix them. I mostly recommend this for anyone new to GIMP or digital drawing in general. But with the right tutorials you can pick up GIMP in no time. Of course, there are few gutorial to what you can accomplish with GIMP once you achieve mastery. You can scan in your work and get it looking spiffy with minutes of work following this tutorial.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

You can move it with the Move tool while pressing Shift so that it moves the current layer instead of picking a new one. But I think the content speaks for itself. You get to see his linework and his final color choices. You can paint over the text with a paint tool or simply drag a black color from the color selector and drop it over the image.

You can play with the other parameters, but they have sensible defaults. Photo retouching is tutoria, common task for GIMP users.

The video totals about 32 minutes and it really does walk you through the entire process step-by-step. An updated version of this tutorial can be found here: GIMP is a very popular graphic program, and though not as popular as Photoshop, there are a good many designers who use it as their first choice.

If you want to learn how to mix colors in GIMP, check this. It may vary based on your tablet resolution but most pressure sensitivity works the same. Now make sure you uncheck the button again ttorial move the layer tutoroal pixels to the right and downwards. For a more tutorail approach to digital painting you might prefer a freeform tutorial on using GIMP for digital art. Now activate the text layer again.


You can use the move tool to move the text where you like to have it. I suspect even GIMP veterans will have what to learn from this book, so if you have a spare hour, give it a try it. Alternatively have a look at this huge gallery of tutorials all on DeviantArt.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

GIMP script borrows from Perl. Now if you want something a little more complex check out this speedpaint video featuring Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, and Totodile.

Cage Transform is a slick tool to help you correct or create perspective distortions. It covers a lot of techniques on how to draw tjtorial GIMP and how to nail down the anime style in your work. The document lists all filters by group blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, noise, edge-detect, artistic, etc. Ian Pullen has put together this thoughtful tutorial to walk you through the basics. This post may contain affiliate links. You should have some knowledge of digital art before trying to follow along with the artist Karolina Twardosz who tytorial can also follow on Tumblr.

Finally we come to this massive intro tutorial for all GIMP users. But this color guide may take the cake for its easy instructional guidelines that any artist should be able to follow.

But once you understand the style you may want to start working on it digitally. Just be warned this is a pretty technical painting. Choose it to be white. High-end Design on a Low-end Budget?

The Basics Tutorial

The text effects are organized in different categories — nature, metal, light, ice, glass, fire, 3D, abstract, simple, etc. One related video is this one on pressure sensitivity. Now add a new layer and fill it with some color e. If you are looking for where to start, here is an introduction to GIMP scripting. This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program.


It actually ran so long that they broke this into three parts! Otherwise, the tutorial itself is short and easy.

But it does have so many features that you need to learn as you go. The process is fully narrated so you can easily follow along. Photoshop Alternatives For Linux: One nice thing about this video is how the creator actually narrates their way through the tutoorial.

Many artists prefer to work traditionally first, then import those sketches into a digital design program. It covers layers, operations with layers, layer masks, etc. In such cases, a good tutorial about GIMP filters, for instance this onecan help a lot.

Now if you want to paint faces and portraits digitally then you might try GIMP as a free starting point. Most speedpainting videos go so fast and usually rely on background music.

The article is tutotial into sections — from rawest newbie through to more advanced users. You may struggle at first but if you stick with it you can design some beautiful work on any OS with this program. Click some times on the eye symbol to see how you can make a layer invisible and make the other layer active by clicking on its small preview in the layer dialog. Just a short clarification: