The GIVI E mount is a universal kit to fit bike with an OEM luggage rack or a flat surface that can have hole for through bolts drilled. The kit is designed to take . GIVI leader in Motorcycle Boxes, Hardbags, Helmets, Side Hardbags, Motorcycle bags, motorbike accessories. Tecnology and design. E WILDCAT. Find great deals for GIVI E Universal Monokey Mounting Plate. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Discussion in ‘ Land of the Rising Sun: Log in or Join. Dismiss Notice Subscriptions are finally here! You can sign up to be a site supporter here. Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: TipsyMcStaggerNov 20, Oct 28, Oddometer: I’m leaning toward the Outback Ggivi top case and side cases for my new V–Strom What are the pros and cons of the various top plate adapters?

I see some are steel and some are aluminium. And obviously, there are several brands available.

How do these attach to the bike? Holes to be drilled? The Hepco top case on my Uly used a rack that was specific to the Uly, so this type of mount is somewhat new to me. GustavoNov 20, Jun 1, Oddometer: The top case attaches to any Givi Monokey plate or equivalent adapter. The side cases need special adapters i. I was going e520 say why spend extra money on the SW Motech toprack that you then have to add the Givi specific hardware to, but then I saw how much Givi is asking these days for their plate Should be trivial on any bike that already has a rack.


Dao1Nov 21, Mar 17, Oddometer: I drilled holes to fasten this onto my existing sw motech mounting plate. E520Nov 21, That particular plate, the E, is Givi’s “universal” plate, so that’s the reason behind my need to drill a few holes.

GIVI E Universal Top Case Mount for Monokey Cases E | eBay

And if you already have a Rotopax, then for sure an SW plate is the way to go. Somebody went crazy on the cutouts. Not enough rigidity in my book to ensure a positive lock for my expensive Outback top case.

I yivi go with steel. An extra lb or 2 added to the back isn’t going to matter, but the extra rigidity is. The hardware to mount the Traxx will be proprietary and correctly fitted. Putting aftermarket hardware on the multi-plate for a Givi case is not going to produce a proper fit. The backside of the Givi requires the two fingers to positively align the latch and ensure a rattle free mounting system.

However, if you’re like me, and require a much e2500 case than a 38L, then Givi’s your only f250.

And with that, a dedicated Givi mounting plate makes more sense. I’m all but certain I’ll be ordering the Outback Trekker topcase and the Outback Trekker side cases, all in the smaller sizes.

Givi E250 Universal Monokey Plate

As I do more digging, I see that in addition to the plastic Givi SR bike specific plate for the topcase, there is also an aluminum bike specific Givi plate, the SRA Jan e50, Oddometer: I have the Outback side bags 37L and top box 42L mounted on my ’14 Strom.


I went with the bike specific plastic rear mount, which works fine.

I wish I had went with the metal mount instead, as I think It would look better when the top box is removed. Do yourself a favor and check out motostorm. It took about a week for them to get everything together, but it only took four days from Italy to Central Florida, including a Saturday and Sunday. If you check the U.

If it’s in stock P. M me if you have any questions. TipsyMcStaggerNov 25, I placed an order with Motostorm. I didn’t order the Givi skid plate because I want to use the Happy Trail skid plate. I didn’t think about gifi the windscreen.

So far, the stock screen seems okay, but I’ve only got miles in the saddle. I really wanted to go with the SW Motech Evo removable racks but as far as I could find, they giivi be used with the Trekker Outback givl. I considered going with the Trax bags so I could use the removable Evo racks, but it was hard to argue with the Givi prices from Motostorm.

The only “issue” I had was I got a call from Customs wanting a more detailed description of the items.

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