Octavio Paz, who searches for the identity of the Mexican people in his study entitled El . In section IV, “Los Hijos de la Malinche,” Paz explains how the word . In this chapter, Octavio Paz discusses the fact that machismo is an offshoot of Mexican historical patterns. He relates . The symbol of this violation is doña Malinche, the mistress of Cortés. When we shout “¡Viva México, hijos de la chingada!. all Mexicans as hijos de puta (sons of raped women) or los Pachuco s and Key words: Identity, Mexico, Pachuco s, La Malinche, Octavio Paz, Gloria Anzaldúa.

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En efecto, toda mujer, aun la que se da voluntariamente, pwz desgarrada, chingada por el hombre. Its real meaning is no different from that of the verb chingar and its derivatives. We reveal ourselves as we really are. Views Read Edit View history. Nor does he want to be descended from them. In lieu of a closer examination of the problem, we will suggest that jijos liberal Reform movement of the middle of the last century seems to be the moment when the Mexican decided to break with his traditions, which is a form of breaking with oneself.

To know it, to use it, to throw it in the air like a toy or to make it quiver like a sharp weapon, is a way of affirming that we are Mexican. He is the Stranger. Hay un misterio mexicano como hay un misterio amarillo y uno negro. For everyone but himself he embodies the occult, the hidden, that which surrenders itself only with great difficulty: This is to say that historical events are something more than events because they are colored by humanity, which malknche always problematical.


Does she truly have feelings? The phrase “I am your father” has no paternal flavor and is not said in order to protect or to guide another, but rather to impose one’s superiority, that is, to humiliate.

Mas una diferencia radical nos separa. Or does she think? We ls that the Conquest coincided with the apogee of the cult of two masculine divinities: In Cuba a chinguirito is a shot of alcohol. To the Mexican there are only two possibilities in life: But he is also the lord of the lightning bolt and the whip; he is the tyrant, the ogre who devours life.

He relates its origins to the Conquest by the Spaniard malinchhe the submission of Indian women, represented by Malinche.

The Labyrinth of Solitude – Wikipedia

The same can be said of indigenist propaganda, which is also supported by fanatical criollos and mestizoswhile the Indians have never paid it the slightest attention. She embodies the open, the chingado, to our closed, stoic, impassive Indians. Man is the only being who knows he is alone, and the only one who seeks out another. On the contrary, it binds him to them. La chingada, la hembra, la pasividad pura, inerme ante el exterior. Nos manifestamos tales como somos de verdad.

In this shout we condemn our origins and deny our hybridism. They are projectiles or knives. If we ictavio this expression with the Spanish hijo de puta son of a whorethe difference is immediately obvious. Thus any purely historical explanation is insufficient En ese grito condenamos nuestro origen y renegamos de nuestro hibridismo. One observation will be enough to reduce the analogy between the psychology of the servant and our own to its true proportions: En realidad, no hay causas y efectos, sino un complejo de reacciones y tendencias que l penetran mutuamente.


The verb chingar signifies the triumph of the closed, the male, the powerful, over the open.

This represents the way in which the Mexicans have inherited two distinct cultures, the Spanish and the Indigenous, but by denying one part of their identity, they become stuck in a world of solitude. It is impossible not to notice the resemblance between the figure of the macho and that of the Spanish conquistador.

La idea de romper y de abrir reaparece en casi todas las expresiones. The fervor of the cult of God the Son would octzvio to be explained, at first glance, as an inheritance from the pre-Hispanic religions.

Above all, she is the Mother.


These feelings are common to all men and there is nothing specifically Mexican in them. The impression we create is much like that created by Orientals. Their origins are in the Conquest, the Colonial period, the Independence period or the wars fought against the United States and France. The macho represents the masculine pole of life. The forbidden words boil up in us, just as our malinchw boil up.

The complexity of contemporary society and the specialization required by its work extend the abstract condition of the worker to other social groups.