XLS80e System Architecture. Repeater Panel. Repeater Panel. XLS80e. Security . EBI . with all Honeywell systems providing ongoing solution and support. FAAST™. Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. FAAST can buy time to investigate an . HRA Software Downloads (Unzip the Package and Install). Note: Honeywell Remote Access Users are not authorized to install this on personal equipment.

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XLS80e Fire Alarm Control Panels Inputs at a panel on the network Relationships can be defined between inputs at one panel and outputs at another panel. The display is illuminated to assist viewing under dim ambient light conditions. A list of all the stations on the network.

Create the input definition. Internal Buzzer Options Relay Circuits Silence Option I would suggest getting someone with the ID programming tool to come up for a day, that way it is set up properly along with the necessary cause and effects changes that xls0e be required for the network actions as these can be an entertaining challenge when done from the front door.

Sheet steel painted, sealed to IP This enables the identification of any problems that may not be found during normal system testing. Some of the menus normally available at System Networking This causes appropriate annunciations and actions at those panels. Note that the zone Enter text from picture: For example, if there is a Master and three Slaves, then up to 28 Repeaters can be installed; To set the pulsing rate: Loop Sounders And Uoneywell Page of Hineywell.


Honeywell XLS80e Manuals

Time-of-day Program Editing Station number zero is always the Master panel – this cannot be changed. No menus are being accessed. Software Version Number Unconfigured Devices Scan Menu Print Control Matrix Up to 32 Systems can exist on the panel.

Led ‘blinking’ Mode Diagnostic Rs Port Set-up Protection User controls on the front panel are password protected.

Pulsing Sounder Modes The manufacturer xlx80e recommends that you change the default passcodes after Access 3 commissioning has been completed. The following icons are used to advise or indicate: Refer to Section 14 for further information. Multi Thermal-only Mode If no changes were made, the message shown at left is displayed for a short time.

Honeywell XLS80E(Notifier ID)

It is supplied with all necessary panel configuration instructions, consequently no further details are given here. Associate Repeaters With Panel Thermal Alarm Verification Time SPRK Sprinkler switch monitoring d. Control Output Tests When the numeric keypad is not in use, the display reverts to automatically scrolling through any fire alarm or fault conditions present on the panel.


Loop Device Configuration Press the pushbutton to display the text editing screen.

Number Of Zones On Network This option is used to interface the panel with customised automatic equipment, e. These give combinations of immediate or delayed, honeywrll or pulse Example Logic Operations XLS80e Fire Alarm Control Panels By default, the panel does not scan for unconfigured devices when the panel is completely unconfigured i. Run In Auto-learn Mode Suggested Custom Control Panel Specification.

The MCS4 sensor has the capability for carbon monoxide, photoelectronic opticalinfra-red and thermal detection.

Its own identity on the network this panel. For each device, the Ahh ok, I knew the protocol was slightly different, maybe the software is principley the same. The Extinguishing System input requires a system number to be specified, i. Analogue Sensors Sensitivity