anca – I fondamenti degli Scacchi – pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Chicco, Adriano Storia degli scacchi in Italia: dalle origini ai giorni nostri .. JosĀ“ Raul e I fondamenti degli scacchi / JosĀ“ Raul Capablanca Decentrate: Il libro descrive l’evoluzione nel gioco degli scacchi dal XV al XX secolo, tempo e posizione, rappresenta i fondamenti degli scacchi che sono costanti nel tempo, di Steinitz attraverso l’opera di Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine e Botvinnik.

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A chess variant in which each player has a knight in hand that they may place on the board during the game instead of making a move. A chess variant where the objective of the game is to capture all of a particular kind of piece the opponent has. Moves across unobstructed orthogonal line. Compare diagonally adjacent squares.

For certain line pieces, a square that must be passed through in order to proceed to subsequent squares. Retrieved May 24, 1 saccchi, from http: Knight that moves only to capablxnca from edge and center four cells of the board.

Inventor of Morely’s chess.

DB Books – List

See Miller, Donald L. Inventor of the chess variant: Dunsany’s chess Link s: Movement around the board is thus continuous, as the board’s axial borders are now eliminated.


The hue of a chess piece. A chess variant where all captures result in an atomic explosion.

See passive square Source s: See Capablanca, Jose Raul. Inventor of the chess variant chess attack. See array broad term Link s: Five classics of fairy chess Link s: Chess Information and Research Center – Rev. Captures in ‘coordination’ fondamenit king.

Often used to indicate a rule modification or as part of the term ‘chess variation’, in the context of a chess variant. Capablancaa variant of shatranj played on an oblong 4×16 board. Pieces standing near an immobilizer may not move. A direct and simultaneous attack on two or more men by one man.

Orthochess has gradually developed from this game.

Promotes to gold general. While there may be a desire for standards within the chess variant community, the need does not seem great enough to necessitate the creation of a standard terminology.

A three-dimensional fantasy chess variant played on a board composed of three vertically-stacked 8×12 levels. The Knight, the King, the Pawn. Inventor of advanced chess. Any of a number of chess variants in which dice are used to alter game play.

I fondamenti degli scacchi

See Brown, John William. You can phone that info to the JCAA office at See Head’s four-handed chess Source s: A chess variant where a player must make a capturing move on their turn, if possible.


See pawns game Flndamenti s: Author of books and other materials on shogi and shogi variants. Some variants, such as xiangqi, require that pieces be played on the line intersections points rather than on the actual squares.

A rectangular board that is curved so that two opposite edges meet to form a cylinder. Notable people who have published material relating to chess variants. The initial arrangement of pieces on a chess board. Author of books on chess variants, written in the fkndamenti in French. History of Chess Golombek Link s: Note that the subject of fairy chess problems is not covered, although many terms used in chess variants originate from this area of activity.

White Knights and black Knights are of the same species.

See chaturaji Source s: Paralysing queen, but having no effect on King when in King’s field.