Ingo Douglas Swann was a claimed psychic, artist, and author known for being the co-creator, .. The raw data comprised only four pages, but according to Swann, the confirmatory data appeared throughout the published scientific and. Compliment to – Entire Ingo Swann Database – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 00 Reference Materials For Ingo Swann’s IRVA Lecture 00 Ingo Swann Extraterrestrial Telepathy And Biopsychic Sexuality Ingo Swann Database.

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The chart recorder pattern returned to normal. I can not confirm this, but believe it to be true. The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies: What eatabase you say were the top three things in this database that blew your mind? They’re made of very large grade crystals, so they slide.

Remote Viewing Versus Its Skeptics. What are We Talking About? The term psychotronics also came to have another meaning — the use of machines that send out waves that carry psychic warfare messages and can also be used to cause various types of physical Swann proposed a study to Targ and Puthoff.

The concept that human powers and perceptions are locked into and only accord with the known laws of matter and energy and time is not correct – although such has been. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The following day it was certain the magnetometer was malfunctioning. Psychological scales were developed for rating the quality and clarity as subjectively described by Swann of his OOB vision, which varied from time to time.

Thus Ingp don’t make for a very good psychic crime detective in the way other more stalwart psychics do”.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It was decided that all of these should be included in their entirety to ensure that no scientific passage was inadvertently used out of context.

Ingo Swann

It feels really good there laughs. Then there are different versions of the following events.

Soon Targ and Puthoff performed more experiments with Swann and the controls were tightened to eliminate the possibility of error. So why is Ingo Swann ignored by publishers and forced to publish his astounding life story on the Internet? Each generation of humans born is a carrier of the faculties, equally as much as it is a carrier of our species’ gene pool.


In his autobiography Penetration: I completed the full page “Ingo Swann Complete Database” pdf. The oscillation had been running silently for about an hour, tracing out a stable pattern on the chart recorder. The following are Swann’s own version of his statements from22 years later than the experiments took place.: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human TelepathyAwann described his work with individuals in an unknown agency who study extraterrestrials E. Heberd suggested all along there must be something wrong with the equipment.


Swann claimed to see bands of crystals in the atmosphere, which he likened to clouds and possibly like the rings of Igo.

The well-shielded magnetometer had a small magnetic probe in a vault five feet beneath the floor. More basical question here, what is “Ingo Swann Complete Database”. In which he wrote over pages worth of essays.

He was searching for her and was asking for the public’s help. Inside those cloud layers, those crystal layers, they look beautiful from the outside. Definition clarification of psychotronics. Towards Activating the Superpowers — Part 5: Return to The Psychic Universe. Kress, released to the public in “. Indeed, experiments not controlled by Swann have not been successful, and they are rarely mentioned, and if so, only in passing.

Retrieved 31 January Towards Activating the Superpowers — Part 4: Ingo swann remote viwewing disinformation semantics totalitarian marxism spirit God.

Ingo Swann Database

Click to join our chat! Any movement while drawing did not result in “artifacts” in the brain readout. Axelrod discloses that the silent, growing, oscillating triangle is simultaneously scanning the area and eliminating any animals in the area [49] and that the silent “beams” emanating from the object were “blasting deer or porcupines from the woods or something.