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This International Standard describes in greater detail management of the Maintenance Process described in ISO/IEC , including Amendments. ISO/IEC. IEEE. Std Second edition. Software Engineering — Software Life. Cycle Processes — Maintenance. ISO , Software Engineering – Software Life Cycle Processes – Maintenance, describes in greater detail management of the software maintenance.

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An integral part of software is the maintenance one, which requires an accurate maintenance plan to be prepared during isi software development.

Software development process Requirements analysis Software design Software 14674 Software deployment Software maintenance Programming team Open-source model. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. The value can be enhanced by expanding the customer base, meeting additional requirements, becoming easier to use, more efficient and employing newer technology. ISO for Software Maintenance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Data modeling Enterprise architecture Functional specification Modeling language Orthogonality Programming paradigm Software Software archaeology Software io Software configuration management Software development isp Software development process Software quality Software quality assurance Software verification and validation Structured analysis. Studies show that contribution of end user is crucial during the new requirement data gathering and analysis. Database management system Information storage systems Enterprise information system Social information systems Geographic information system Decision support system Process control system Multimedia information system Data mining Digital library Computing platform Digital marketing World Wide Web Information retrieval.

Computer architecture Embedded system Real-time computing Dependability. Computer science Computer engineering Project management Risk management Systems engineering. Algorithm design Analysis of algorithms Algorithmic efficiency Randomized algorithm Computational geometry. Things like compliance with coding standards that includes software maintainability goals.


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Key technical issues are: Retrieved from ” https: Key findings of his research include that maintenance is really evolutionary development and that maintenance decisions are aided by understanding what happens to systems and software over time. If you are not a client of PPI or CTI, limited access which permits download access to many of these resources may be available on an approved-registration basis.

Best practices for managing your software investment.

ISO/IEC – Software Engineering — Software Life Cycle Processes — Maintenance

Search SE Goldmine Search this site: A new decision should be addressed for the developing of every new system feature and its quality objectives. Retrieved 5 November Key management issues are: The management of coupling and cohesion of the software.

Over a period of twenty years, his research led to the formulation of Lehman’s Laws Lehman P P P P P Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Interpreter Middleware Virtual machine Operating system Software quality. It provides the framework, precise terminology, and processes to allow the consistent application of technology tools, techniques, and methods to software maintenance. You are authorised to print the contents provided that this copyright notice is included.

This article has an unclear citation style. Major fields of computer science. There are a number of processes, activities and practices that are unique to maintainers, for example:. Natural language processing Knowledge representation and reasoning Computer vision Automated planning and scheduling Search methodology Control method Philosophy of artificial intelligence Distributed artificial intelligence.


Maintenance may span for 20 years, [ citation needed ] whereas development may be 1—2 years. Hear about relevant training courses in your area.

ISO 14764 for Software Maintenance

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Archived from the original PDF on Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Software engineering, San Francisco,pp — “. Discrete mathematics Probability Statistics Mathematical software Information theory Mathematical analysis Numerical analysis.

We apologise for being unable to respond to access requests that are declined. Many subsequent studies suggest a similar magnitude of the problem.

And this is the main cause of any problem during software evolution and maintenance. Network 1764 Network protocol Network components Network scheduler Network performance evaluation Network service. They categorized maintenance activities into four classes:.

SyEN makes informative reading for the project professional, containing scores of news and other items summarizing developments in the field of systems engineering and in directly related fields. Cryptography Formal methods Security services Intrusion detection system Hardware security Network security Information security 114764 security.