Full text of “Jack Hamm Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes” Those drawings involving brush or pen and ink (and per- haps pencil combined) were. The how-to handbook that exactly explains and illustrates the step-by-step processes for drawing complete, succesful landscapes and. ###Front #Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Page jpg#Pagejpg#PagejpgPagejpgPage

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This can be remedied by trying something different — either a different subject or a different media. Drawing Scenery Landscapes and Seascapes elaborates in serial fashion composition trees mountains bodies of water and buildings. Usually which are up to the artist. Surely not everyone will re- act the same before a given picture, just as he will not have identical reactions with another in reading a poem or in seeing a play.

This Imaginary dividing should be done at major checkpoints where pro- tnisions or indentions occur. At this point page 5 should be reviewed if seascape ideas thereon have grown cold. Also, it is set unvaryingly in line with the big outside frame, whereas the other two rectan- gles are drawiing. No artist should ever draw or landsczpes to obscure his intentions. Leave light and see-through spaces occasionally.

Some of the limb parts are in shadow; others in light. Watercolor pa pers may be used for novel ef- fects, but they are not made specifically for pen- cil. Draawing of our best art critics and collec- tors would much rather have this fig.

They are worth the price alone. For the most part the light source is from the high right.


Reflected light comes from another surface somewhere which is reflecting a measure of light. We have insisted, and that right easily, that the observer go to the upper right-hand portion of our framed space. Next, draw two lines representing a simple roadway.

Drawing Scenery: Seascapes and Landscapes

What can cause these low-lying variations noticeable to the discerning art- ist? It is obvious that the first strip is foreground and the last is background. Most of the drawings in this book were done on sketch pads moderately priced. Blank walls need good pictures. As one begins this experiment, be sure to draw lightly enough so that erasures may be made later. A knoll of a hill may pretty well be “foreground” and that’s it fig. Charting the Eyes Course. Just beautiful, and it helped me a lot in my Drawing Scsnery course.

Notice the gnarled trunk be- fore the parentheses limbs beg life from the desert sun. If you are tak- ing the pages in sequence, you read by and around this abstract scene.

It could be said, all the possi- ble values with that pencil on that paper are hereby produced. To these planes we can add three more sets of re- cession lines which also carry the eye back fig.

Compositional concern Notice that each of the above rocks figs. The top horizon line was done first, then the succeeding hilltop lines be- neath followed. A picture may have unlimited space divisions. We won’t say, and you’ 11 never know — they could svenery from either.

Preview — Drawing Scenery by Jack Hamm.

Drawing Scenery: Landscapes and Seascapes – Jack Hamm – Google Books

Monte Thompson rated it liked it Nov 30, Above in the figs. It is held in B C D by four confinement lines or The space does not have to be a certain size or shape.


Such is one of the purposes of good pictures, to allow the viewer to have a pleasant travel experience “through a wall” which could otherwise be a depressing obstruction. This is some- times done in painting too. This guide combines the simplest kind of scenery sketching with the most complex renderings to give every artist, beginner or professional, essential scenery drawing techniques. The scenic frame becomes a wondrous window through which the hu- man soul may take wing, then return re- freshed, better fitted for the tasks ahead.

In fig, 5 it may be called a “staccato” focal point — any small jot or shape could accomplish the same thing. This page contains diagrams set down progressively to assist in the creative process.

Jack Hamm – Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes

Vertically aligned rocks, such as the above, have strong up-and-down markings which occasionally jut left or right. Whenever one comes across rock of any kind, look closely, walk around it, size it up — there may be a picture, or many for that matter, which call out to be drawn or painted. In this case fig.