Jatropha gaumeri Greenm.; pomol che’. Tree (or shrub) with milky latex; leaves alternate, simple, broadly ovate, base cordate, margin entire, apex acuminate to. Jatropha gaumeri is a species of plants with 18 observations. Family: Euphorbiaceae Juss. Genus: Jatropha L. Jatropha gaumeri Greenm. This species is accepted, and its native range is SE. Mexico (and Tamaulipas) to.

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The best selectivity was observed with glioma U with 1. Another common name is nettlespurge.

Isolation and structural identification. Most of these are native to the Americaswith 66 species found in the Old World. The organic crude extract was suspended in a 3: Previous authors evaluated activities against epithelial gastric cell line AGS and gastroprotecion effect Pertino et al.

Introduction Various medicinal properties have been attributed to plant species of the large genus Jatropha Euphorbiaceae. A number of biological activities have been detected in natural products from Jatropha spp.

The methanolic extract obtained from the leaves of J. Tripticasein soy agar Bioxon was used as solid medium. The cake resulting from oil extraction, a protein-rich product, can be used for fish or animal feed if detoxified.

The latex is used by folkmedicine for treatment of haumeri bites and to treat upper tract decongestions. Barata and the University of Campinas for the chemical analysis.

Compounds jatrophone and cyperenoic acid were isolated from the hexanic extract and characterized by spectroscopic techniques NMR of 1 H, 13 C and IR. This lathyrane-type diterpene was previously isolated from the roots gaumerri J. Hydrolisis of the acetylated derivatives 9A and 9B.


Active products remained as orange spots on a white background. The experimental procedures were performed according with the literature Skehan et al. The bioassay-guided purification of the root extract jstropha in the isolation and identification of 2- epi -jatrogrossidione 1a rhamnofolane diterpene with antimicrobial activity, and of epi -4 E- jatrogrossidentadione 2a lathyrane diterpene without biological activity.

Jatropha gaumeri Greenm. — The Plant List

This is the first report exploring the in vitro antiproliferative activities effect of J. Date analysis The averages of the absorbance were calculated discounting the value the white and total growth inhibition TGI was determined by the equation: Isolation procedures Fresh roots 1. Plants4 The organic layer was successively washed 1: Plant material Roots and leaves of J. The second, less-polar, fraction showed the presence of two main components having very similar R f values on TLC; all attempts to separate the components in their natural form proved unsuccessful.

Comparison of in vitro anticancer-drug-screening data generated with a tetrazolium assay versus a protein assay against a diverse panel of human tumor cell lines. Drug Discovery and Therapeutic Medicine. The plant grows at sea level in the jungles of Guatemala and Belize, and in the states of Quintana Roo jatrohpa Yucatan, in Mexico [19]. This page was last gameri on 24 Decemberat Integrated Taxonomic Information System. The reaction mixture was passed through a silica gel bed mesh, 3 cm high and the adsorbent washed with CH 2 Cl 2 to produce 18 mg of crude oxidized product.

Archived from the original on Biological tests In vitro antiproliferative assay in human cancer cell lines For the in vitro antiproliferative activity screening, ten cell lines were selected from human tumors, designated as: No previous reports on in vitro antiprolifrative activity on human cancer cell lines Jatropha ribifolia Pohl Baill.


Table 3 presents the katropha determined by the in vitro antiproliferative assay with human cancer cell lines.

SEINet Portal Network – Jatropha gaumeri

How to cite this article. The activity on tumoral cells was also observed for the crude hexane extract due to the presence of jatrophone and cyperenoic acid.

Active products appeared as yellow spots against jatripha purple background.

Close-up of Jatropha podagrica. New colorimetric cytotoxicity assay for anticancer-drug screening.

Esterification and oxidation of the two-component mixture produced the corresponding acetylated and keto derivatives, which could then be separated by means of PTLC on AgNO 3 -impregnated silica gel plates [27, 28].

When cut, the tree exudates a milky resin which is used to alleviate skin rashes and mouth blisters, as well as to treat fever and bone fractures [1, 20]. ESF, FAR, and DT graduation students contributed in collecting plant sample and identification and isolation, purification of the extracts of the isolated compounds.

Jatropha gaumeri Greenm.

The extracts were combined and the solvent eliminated under reduced pressure to yield Bioactive Terpenoids from Roots and Leaves of Jatropha gaumeri. Authors’ contributions ESF, FAR, and DT graduation students contributed in collecting plant sample and identification and isolation, purification of the extracts of the isolated compounds. J Pharm Pharmacol Results and Discussion Isolation and structural identification The antitumor properties of species of the genus Jatropha have been targets of phytochemical studies.