Utilizes Jmesa feature as an underlying mechanism so serves managing representation of data in tabular form, filter,sort, paginate, export your. – The Export represents the export type that the user invoked. What you need to do is check to see if an export is being done. If so then just let JMesa output to the response. There are no filters to set up. You can find out.

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JMesa is a dynamic HTML table that allows you to filter, sort, paginate, export and edit your data however you need to. What you will find here is a carefully thought out API that is very easy to use and can be modified expoet your own needs. JMesa requires JDK 1. As of version 2.

Now that the apache commons BeanUtils 1. The BeanUtils is a core library in JMesa and the 1. It is a great article that taps into just how customizable JMesa is!

Grails Plugin: Jmesa Plugin

In addition there has been a sighting of JMesa out on Tech Blog. To see the live examples just download the example war file and place it in your servlet container. It was tested with Tomcat 6, but should work with any servlet container. As similar questions get posted on the groups I will add those questions and answers to the Recipes page. Per user request the javadocs are now online as well! Did you know that you can save the state of the table so when a user returns to a JMesa table it looks exactly how they saw it last?


I just updated one of our internal sites to use the feature throughout and it occurred to me that this may be a hidden feature to many developers.

JMesa now has Spring and Struts2 integration in the 2. In addition there is support for grouping columns.

Jmesa Plugin

In addition there is a new PDF view and a few more Locales. The main thing you need to do is include the new jquery. This release offers a lot of improvements with the JavaScript handling and many improvements with the encoding.

There was a deprecated method JMesa was using that has now been removed in the lastest jQuery library. I also released an updated war file as well.

This is more or less a call to the community that want Maven support. If you would like the JMesa jar file in the Maven repositories I have decided to leave it up to the community to finish the work started. There is some support for Maven in that you can pull the jar from my site. It would be great to have more Locales supported out of the box. If your Locale is not currently supported you should consider taking some time to create a messages file and send it to me.


More details are on the Messages page.

Creating tables with JMesa is very easy. For instance to create an HTML table with every feature available can be accomplished in four lines of code:. To fully customize this table is just as easy. You can find out more by reading the recipestutorialsand examples. Why not write for us?

Or you could submit an event or a user group in your area. Alternatively just tell us what you think! We’ve got automatic conversion tools to convert C to VB.

Running the Table With JMesa

Also you can compress javascript and compress css and generate sql connection strings. Developer Fusion – The global developer community for.

NET and Java programmers. For instance to create an HTML table with every feature available can be accomplished in four lines of code: Related projects Pixelator BoboBrowse. Source Code Commits Fiuxed Fixed a bug with the DroplistFilterEditor would not use the filter label, but instead uses the value. Contribute Why not write for us?

NET tutorials C programming. Our tools We’ve got automatic conversion tools to convert C to VB. Managed hosting by Everycity.